Feng Shui Staging Tips For Your Windsor Property

Posted in Selling Blog | 07/07/2013

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

If you are in the process of listing your Windsor property, you may want to follow the advice of decorating experts and use some feng shui staging techniques that are really easy to do and have been proven effective.  Feng shui design means a home has a good flow of energy, with natural light and good air circulation.  For many buyers, they are attracted to this type of home design and it can be a real plus when listing your property.  This type of design has been practiced in China for thousands of years but has recently become popular in Windsor in the past 30 years or so.

Follow these popular ideas from feng shui designers:

1.  Energy begins at your front door, according to feng shui stylists.  So make sure that the entry to your home is welcoming.  Give your door a fresh coat of paint in a contrasting colour of your home.  Have potted plants near the front door however, make sure leaves are rounded as those that are sharp implies aggressiveness.  It goes without saying that these plants should be well watered and cared for.

2.  Upon entering your home, you will want to create a clear path so that your buyer’s eyes are directed to something that pleases them and leaves a valuable first impression.  It is said that a buyer will determine within 10 seconds if they want to buy a home.  Feng shui suggests making a path to this room with perhaps a runner rug or wonderful art and accessories.

3.  Did you know that buyers spend the LEAST amount of time looking at bathrooms?  And lets face it, this is understandable as many look very undesirable.  Feng shui says that bathroom doors should be left closed if they are the first thing in a home a buyer will see (don’t worry, buyers will open them), and toilet lids closed and drains closed.  They say this is a way the energy escapes from a home.

4.  How furniture is arranged in feng shui custom is critical because it can break or make the flow of energy.  For example, if a couch faces the back of a room’s entrance, then feng shui believes the energy is bouncing out of a room.  So face your sofa or love seat towards the entrance as this will not only improve the energy in a room, but also make buyers feel at home.

5.  While all real estate agents and professional stagers urge sellers to de-clutter, feng shui insists upon it.  Clear out all personal items, knickknacks, clutter or anything else that will prevent energy from flowing out of the room, says feng shui experts.

images-96.  Don’t block the light!  Feng shui says do not place heavy furniture, like couches or beds, in front of a window as they need a solid wall behind them.  As a real estate agent, I can agree with this.  The last thing you want to do is block any natural light whatsoever.  Buyers overwhelmingly want to see a home that is bright and airy.  If it gives the impression of being a dark home, with lack of sunlight or heavy paint colours and draperies, then buyers can’t imagine living there.

7.  Feng shui likes to attract all of our senses so it suggests putting a wind chime outside of your front door, which they say, alerts buyers to your home.  Landscaping is also critical so make sure you have fresh flowers or a large green plant to accessorize not only the inside of your home, but outside as well.

The whole point of feng shui is not only to create energy surrounding a home, but also that “less is more.”  This really is valuable motto when selling real estate.  Buyers do want to be welcomed into a home that feels like a seller has prepared for their visit.  Much like you would when entertaining guests, creating a soothing and pleasing atmosphere really speaks louder than words.  We can have all of the promotional materials in the world, but it won’t sell your house if a buyer can’t envision living there.

Therefore, it’s important and absolutely necessary to treat your potential buyers with respect from the moment they pull up into your driveway.  Buyers are going to see if your home is a place where they can entertain, raise their family, sleep safely at night and feel comfortable.  Taking feng shui staging advice is really a good and excellent way to prepare your home when you are getting ready to list it for sale.

If you have any other questions or comments regarding feng shui, staging or preparing your home for sale, give our office a call.




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