Find Good Landlords With Apartments For Rent In Windsor Ontario

Posted in Buyer Blog | 05/08/2013

Apartments For Rent Windsor Ontario

Apartments For Rent Windsor Ontario

I have heard some pretty good horror stories regarding landlords from those looking for apartments for rent in Windsor Ontario.  Most tenants look for the number of bedrooms or amenities when visiting apartment complexes, but never consider the landlord.  So how does one know if they are getting a good landlord or a bad one?

Here are some warning signals to look for when meeting with a landlord

1.  Landlords who make you feel uncomfortable.

If you feel the landlord is asking questions or prying about your business that make you feel uncomfortable and has nothing to do with renting an apartment, then you may want to move on.  Asking personal questions, your thoughts on sensitive issues or anything that makes you squirm means you probably will never feel comfortable in the same room with him or her.

2.  High pressured landlord.

This is the landlord who tries and wheels and deals with you while giving you high pressure sales tactics.  Again, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, start looking elsewhere.  If they hand you a lease but pressure you to sign without enough time to review it, something is wrong.

3.  The landlord who is never there.

If you walk around the apartment complex and see trash and lots of needed repairs, there is a good chance you are going to meet with a landlord who simply doesn’t care.  If he or she says they are rarely at the property, then run, don’t walk, back to your car.  If you are shown an apartment that is dirty and dated, then again, chances are you won’t have a landlord who is responsive.

4.  Landlords who are hard to find.

Much like reason #3, if you have difficulty in contacting a landlord to make an appointment to see the apartment, then it may be best to avoid renting from this location.  If they don’t respond for a simple request for more information, then how quickly will they get back to you when you need them in case of an emergency repair?

5.  Landlords who speak horribly of other tenants:

imagesI don’t know about you, but it may be difficult to trust a landlord who is constantly belittling other tenants.  Number one, would you want to be neighbours with those your landlord doesn’t appreciate, and number two, what do you think the landlord will say about you?

The best way to find a good landlord:

1.  Ask current tenants their opinions:

When walking around an apartment complex, don’t hesitate to ask others walking around what their thoughts are of the landlord.  Do they respond quickly to repair requests?  Are the landlords accommodating to complaints?

2.  Ask friends, co-workers:

Enlist your family, friends or co-workers for their help.  Ask if they know of a great apartment building that has a wonderful reputation.  Or, ask them if there are any apartments you should avoid.

3.  Read your lease:

Many apartment renters just sign without even reading a lease, but it’s always important to understand what you are signing.  Make certain you know what happens if you need to break your lease, how often rents are raised and any other issues you may be responsible for, such as utilities, rules for the various amenities and such.

4.  Take photos!

What did we ever do without our handy cell phones?  Don’t forget to take photos of every single room when you sign the lease.  Take note of any existing repairs that need to be made, such as a hole in the wall, or a stain on the carpeting.  You must show proof if there is a problem later on, that you were not responsible for any issues prior to moving in.

5.  Asking about cosmetic changes:

There are those landlords that will not allow any painting or even putting nails in the wall to hang pictures.  So be sure you ask about what you are allowed to do if you want to make some changes inside your apartment.

6.  Know your rights!

When renting, make sure that you understand what your rights are.  There may be laws that say how often an apartment must be painted or carpets replaced.  If you plan on living in an apartment for several years, then you may want to know what is considered normal wear and tear and what updating they will pay for and when.

Again, a little research goes a long way when finding apartments for rent in Windsor Ontario.  Whether you plan to rent for a short time or for several years, make sure you are moving into an apartment where true professionals operate.

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