Find Your Target Buyer for Your Windsor Property

Posted in General Blog | 19/08/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

Selling Windsor property in a buyer’s market often presents challenges.  What do you do when so many homes are on the market and there are not enough buyers?  One of the first things to do is try and target the buyer that would be most interested in your property.  Certain types of homes attract a certain type of buyer.  For example, a home in a residential area near an excellent school district, needs to be showcased to a buyer who has a family or may want one in the future.  A condo usually is targeted for those first time homebuyers or those ready to downsize.

Who are some of the common homebuyer groups today for Windsor property?

1.  Buyers looking for starter homes:  As mentioned, these usually include condos, townhouses and single-family homes.  Using words such as “Will Help With Closing Costs!” “Home Warranty!” or offering to sell your home partially furnished almost always appeals to these often cash strapped buyers.

2.  Buyers ready for the next step up:  Usually these three plus bedroom homes are in established neighborhoods that appeal to growing families.  Using key words such as “Excellent Schools,” and  “Popular Family Neighborhood,” are excellent ways to attract these target buyers.

3.  Buyers for upscale homes.  These homes, usually packed with amenities, are for those buyers who are ready to live a more selective lifestyle.  When targeting these home buyers, it’s important to let them see the very best of the home by including lots of photographs and using phrases like:  “Meticulous Attention To Details,” heavy presence in advertising to upscale print media as well as a strong web presence.

An experienced real estate agent always knows how to find your target buyer but marketing your property correctly.  When interviewing real estate agents, always ask how they will promote your home and who they believe your primary buyers are.



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