Finding A Mover When Relocating To Your Windsor Home

Posted in General Blog | 11/06/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

Hiring a moving company can be challenging when moving to your new Windsor home.  However, it doesn’t need to be if you are organized and follow a few tips that we are happy to provide for you.

1.  Get Recommendations:  First and foremost, talk to your family, friends, coworkers and your real estate agent to see if they have any suggestions.  You can get some reliable information by asking around.  Chances are, you will not only get some good names, but also hear about which companies to avoid. Don’t think that only the big name companies are the best.  Many successful moves come from those companies that are local.

2.  Do Background Checks:  Once you have received the names of possible movers, go online and conduct your own screening.  Google the name of the company and see if they have any violations or complaints against them.

3.  Narrow Your List:  Once you have three reputable movers left on your list, schedule them to visit your home to give you an estimate.  Don’t ever take an estimate over the phone.  Anyone that says that can give you a quote without visiting your Windsor home, is a company you should avoid.

4.  Show Everything!  Once a representative from a moving company arrives at your Windsor home, show them everything that you will be including in your move.  Don’t forget cars or anything you have in storage.  Let them know of any issues they may face when unloading your belongings at your new home, such as stairs, long, narrow driveway, elevator, etc.  At this time, also get any and all references they provide and make sure they are in fact moving you and not contracting the job to another mover.

5.  Review Estimates:  Once you have secured all estimates, checked references and did one more check on the internet for any issues, you can now select a mover.  Make sure you feel confident with the company and that they are easy to contact and always available.  Double-check their insurance policies to make sure your belongings are well insured.

6.  Start Packing!

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