Finding The Right Windsor Home Location

Posted in Buyer Blog | 08/06/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

There are always so many questions a buyer has when deciding to buy a Windsor home.  For those that know they want to purchase a home, but yet still unsure what type of location they want, a professional real estate agent knows how to sit them down and narrow their choices by asking a few simple questions.

Which location do you prefer?

Suburbs/Country:  The good: It can be less expensive and you can get more house and yard for your budget.  The bad: You can spend more time with your work commute and away from your Windsor home.

City Life:  The good: Buyers that prefer a more urban lifestyle like to live close to entertainment, shopping, restaurants and work.  Depending on the city, homes are often older and there are usually lots of styles and architecture.  The bad: Can be noisier with higher crime rates. Generally living in the city can be more expensive.

Busy Streets:  The good:  Usually homes on busier streets are far less expensive.  If you are gone frequently, travel for work or don’t mind living on a noisy street, then you may consider buying a home on well-traveled street a good choice.  An excellent idea is to drive by the home at various times throughout the day to see if certain hours are busier than others.  Chances are, you may not even be home during high traffic areas.  The bad news:  Resale can be more difficult.   Keep in mind that if the bedrooms are in the front of the house, getting a good night’s sleep may be challenging.

Cul De Sac:  The good:  Homes located here are perfect for families and if you ever need to sell your home quickly, your location is ideal.  The bad news?  Less privacy.

Corner Lots:  Good: Living on a corner lot is nice if you desire a larger lot, less neighbors and don’t mind a higher profile in your neighborhood.  Bad: Keep in mind that you can have more traffic as cars come into your neighborhood.

Finding the right location for your new Windsor home can be a challenge.  It is our job to find a neighborhood that suits you.  We can show you what’s available and answer any questions you may have about starting your home search.

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