Five Top Reasons Windsor Homes Sell

Posted in General Blog | 28/04/2012

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes

With the huge amount of inventory of Windsor homes on the market today, homebuyers can afford to be picky.  Successful sellers today know that they have competition and are doing everything they can to make sure their home is noticed and remembered by buyers.  For sellers that prepare, chances are, their homes won’t be on the market for long:

1.  Sellers Make Sure Homes Are Ready:  By fixing repairs and making upgrades, successful sellers will then thoroughly clean their home until it sparkles.  It’s no secret that dingy, dirty homes won’t get high offers, but for those that take their homes seriously and want top dollar, they know a clean, tidy home is more likely to sell.

2.  Sellers Stay Clear From A Showing:  Sellers understand that their presence during a showing can be unsettling for a prospective buyer.  Buyers need access to your homes and made to feel comfortable when looking in your closets and cabinets.  If you are there watching their every move, chances are they will be looking for the front door for an easy escape.

3.  Sellers Understand Marketing:  Sellers will hire a professional real estate agent that understands the benefits of social media to advertise their Windsor homes.  An ad in the paper and a sign in the front yard no longer cut it in today’s real estate market.  The more exposure your home receives, the greater the audience.  So hire an agent that understands and follows the new rules of home marketing.

4.  Sellers Won’t Over-Improve Their Home:  Successful sellers understand that over improving a home won’t result in added value.  Yes, it’s nice to keep up with the neighbors, but don’t overdue it.  If you try to make a mansion in a neighborhood of 1800 square foot homes, your house will more likely stick out like a sore thumb rather than attract buyers.  Improve.  Don’t Overdue.

5.  Sellers Don’t Wait Until Spring To Sell:  Yes, it’s now spring, however, successful sellers understand that homes sell 365 days a year.  So if your home doesn’t sell this season, don’t be too concerned if your home is priced fairly.  Off peak buyers are usually more serious and fewer homes on the market mean less competition.

By following these suggestions, and understanding that to have Windsor homes stand out, you need to prepare, there is every hope that your home will be sold sooner rather than later.

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