Gardening Checklist for Your Windsor Property For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 01/06/2012

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

It’s hard to believe that it is already June 1 and it’s time to do a gardening checklist for your Windsor property for sale.  We are halfway through the busy home selling season, so now is the time to really make sure your property is spruced up and ready to go for any showings as we plow through the busy summer months ahead.  Taking extra care of your house and yard can make a huge difference in selling your home soon.

Here’s what you should be doing this month to make sure your yard is in the best possible condition.

1.  Water!  Don’t forget to water, especially those plants you added to your garden this spring.  We are getting ready to enter into a warm summer, so this is crucial.  To avoid the high cost of water bills, water during cooler times of the day to avoid quicker evaporation.

2.  Mow!  Many sellers need to mow their yard twice a week. Maintain height at about 1/2 inch higher than usual to protect against heat stress. Make sure your Windsor property for sale looks like it’s regularly maintained to impress prospective buyers.  Trim hedges and prune back bushes if needed.

3.  Remove faded blooms from spring plants and cut back any yellowed leaves.

4.  If you haven’t already, add mulch to your garden.  Not only does it look more appealing, it will retain water and slow weed growth.

5.  Use a slow-release fertilizer if you need to fertilize.  The goal is to have a healthy lawn, which is bright leaf green.

6.  Get rid of weeds as quickly as they come up.  This is often a thankless job, when preparing your Windsor property for sale but it does need to get done.  Add a pre-emergent weed inhibitor to your flower gardens if you need to stay ahead of the weeds, which grow nonstop during the warmer summer months.

7.  Don’t forget about houseplants, as they will need more water and fertilizer during the summer growing period.

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