Getting To Know Windsor Homes

Posted in Buyer Blog | 02/08/2012

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes

Out of the many Windsor homes you looked at this summer, you have finally found your dream house!  You have successfully moved in and now you are ready to discover your new community.  Here are a few tips on how to successfully make your new town feel more like home:

1.  Forget the map:  That’s right, hop in your car and just drive around.  Explore the area, stop where you like and take notes.  Look for landmarks, view the scenery, pay attention to the street names and make some new discoveries!

2.  Go shopping:  Ignore the huge chains, and make it a point to shop locally.  You would be surprised at the wonderful shopping we have!  Get to know the owners of the stores by telling them that you are new, and if they can suggest any restaurants or local activities.  Local shop owners know everything there is to know about our community.

3.  Volunteer:  If you have special interests, then find an organization that best fits your needs and ask to volunteer.  This is particularly good if you have children in school.  Ask to help with their classes, or go on field trips.  It’s an easy way to meet other parents as well.

4.  Join a club:  If you enjoy sports or working out, look into joining one of the many health clubs surrounding Windsor homes.  Or see if there are any local book clubs at the library, or cooking clubs if you enjoy that.

5.  Sign up for a class:  If you have ever wanted to take a college course, or a local photography class, maybe learn some new computer skills, this would be a great time to pursue those interests!

Of course, there are many more opportunities available to you, but the best idea we an offer is to make yourself available.  Get to know your neighbors and be visible in your community.  Before you know it, you will be settled in no time!

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