Getting Your Windsor Condo Ready For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 05/08/2012

Windsor Condos

Windsor Condos

You have decided that this fall is a great time to sell your Windsor condo.  Now is the time to prepare your home so that it is ready to go in the next month.  By creating a checklist you can successfully show your agent what steps you have accomplished in getting your condo ready for sale so that it can be marketed appropriately.

1.  Clean and Declutter:  We have said this so many times, but it always bears repeating.  Condos are usually smaller than average homes, so it’s more than necessary to make sure your home appears spacious. One way to do this is to get rid of anything that makes the condo appear small.  Get rid of oversized furniture, exercise equipment, kitchen accessories on the counter and personal items on your bathroom counter.  Be prepared to live like this while your condo is on the market.  And did we mention clean?  Make sure your condo sparkles from ceiling fans to carpeting.

2.  Create a good front door entrance.  Make sure cobwebs are gone and the walkway is swept clean.  Have a pot full of colorful and seasonal flowers.

3.  Make any inside repairs.  If you have lots of paintings on the wall, remove most of them and fill in the holes and repaint.  Have an oven that doesn’t work property or a running toilet?  Repair now.

4.  Hire a stager:  If you can afford it, and prices can be reasonable when selling your Windsor condo, consider hiring a stager to make your condo stand out from others that may also be selling in your complex.  The goal is to make your property remarkable and memorable.  A good professional stager knows what they are doing to sell your condo.

5.  Finally, hire an agent.  Make sure your real estate agent knows your neighborhood and condo complex.  This is extremely helpful when they are asked about HOA rules and fees.  Also, make sure the agent you select has a strong online presence and knows how to market your particular property

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