Great Curb Appeal For Your Windsor Property Under $100

Posted in General Blog | 13/04/2013

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

They say that you only have one chance to make that valuable first impression when selling your Windsor property.  But it’s also time to be realistic.  Selling a home, getting it ready to put on the market, can be expensive.  Many sellers throw up their arms and often say to themselves:  “If I could afford to make improvements, I would stay here!”

I often walk through a property with home owners who think they can’t afford to update or improve their property.  But I have written many articles on how to make simple changes that don’t require lots of money.  In fact, I discourage any one from going over the top in making improvements as there are several updates where you simply won’t get a good return on your investment.

However, good curb appeal is necessary when trying to sell your home.  This is the first thing buyers will see and if they don’t like the outside, they will walk into your front door already with a negative attitude.   And that’s if they even walk in at all.  Many buyers will simply drive away if the outside of a home is unappealing.

So what can you do for under $100 that can make all the difference from a buyer being turned off by your property, to going, “wow!”

1.  Paint the door glossy! Buyers love a front door that is freshly painted, especially in bright, glossy colours!  Depending on your paint colours and style of your home, a nice coat of glossy paint, such as royal blue, deep green, bright red, or whatever colour fits, can make a world of difference.

2.  Boxwoods!  These popular plants are always nice looking and very easy to keep under control.  A pair on each side of the front door in an attractive planter is always a nice touch.  Maybe plant some colourful seasonal flowers along side that matches the front door for a great look.

3.  Lighting:  Buyers love a nicely lit front porch.  Not only is it good for safety reasons, but it always looks nice and welcoming.  A pair of lanterns on each side of the door adds symmetry and double the illumination.  Again, if it works with the architecture of your home, go to a local home improvement store for some of the best deals available.

4.  Doormat:  A hard-working doormat for muddy feet is always a must.  For less than $20 you can find a good one that is perfect for all types of weather.  Now that it is spring, change your current doormat to a decorative one .

5.  Mailboxes:  Replace your mailbox if your current one looks like it has seen better days.  Make sure it is hanging or standing straight and that the closure is secure.  Again, a new mailbox can cost less than $25.

6.  Replace door hardware:  There are lots of online stores that can update your door hardware at a reasonable cost.  Once a door is painted, and new hardware is added, who have totally transformed your entry.

7.  Mow the grass:  It’s imperative that your landscape is looking tidy.  Mow your grass, pick weeds and trim hedges and bushes if needed.  You don’t need to do anything else with your yard, such as planting a garden or anything expensive.  Simply maintaining it is often enough.

8.  Add mulch:  Add a simple layer or two of dark mulch.  In fact, the darker the mulch, the more effective it looks.  It can cover sore looking spots and make an area look professionally landscaped.  It also helps conserve water.

9.  Do a little scrubbing!  It’s incredible what a little elbow grease can do.  If you have oil stains in your driveway, mold or grime on a fence, then rent or borrow a pressure washer and clean your home’s exterior.  If needed, take a scrub brush and a bucket of soapy wanter and wash down areas that need a gentler cleaning.

images10.  Let their be light!  Buyers drive by homes at all hours of the day and night.  So when thinking about curb appeal, thing about giving your yard a night life as well.  Add inexpensive solar lights on walkways or paths.  If you have a grand looking tree in your front yard, add some lighting to it so buyers notice it in the evening as well.  The cost is little but can make a huge impact.

11.  Fertilize:  Finally, take an afternoon and fertilize your yard to make it look healthier throughout the spring and summer months.  Fill in bare spots with grass seed as well to make your yard look prettier and more durable.

All of the above steps can be done for little or no money yet the rewards are huge.  It means that not only will a buyer notice your home, but they will want to make an appointment to view it.  Never underestimate the power of curb appeal.


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