Home Inspection TIPS When Buying Your Windsor Property

Posted in Buyer Blog | 04/05/2012

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Most homebuyers are often anxious regarding a home inspection report for their newly purchased Windsor property.  This process can often be an unnerving experience, especially since the home you now want to call your own may be riddled with much needed and costly home repairs.  But take into consideration what a home inspection really means and why it is so important.

There are many types of home inspections. Some are written clearly and very detailed, while others are hard to decipher.  However, all reports should give a buyer a detailed description of the home’s features.  It is important that you understand what the inspector is recommending and conveying in the report.

Too often, inspectors write about all of the repairs that are needed with a Windsor property, but rarely write down what is good.  Make sure that you receive this information as well.  Why?  Only you can judge if the home is worth pursuing if you can look at the positives along with the negatives.

Once the inspection is complete, the buyer will receive a final report along with the sellers.  The lender usually requires a copy of the report as well.  When reviewing the report, ask yourself these questions:

1.  Is the current price of the house reflective in the home price?

2.  Are the problems too major to consider buying the home?

3.  Do the repairs require work immediately or can it be fixed at a later time?

4.  Is more information needed before a decision is made?

5.  Overall, are the repairs major or minor?

While negotiations may be tense, sellers will often work with buyers in finding a resolution for needed home repairs on a Windsor property. If you decide the repairs are manageable, be sure to keep your inspection report filed away and use as a checklist for future home maintenance.

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2 Responses to Home Inspection TIPS When Buying Your Windsor Property

  1. Redondo Beach real estate inspection says:

    We should hire experienced home inspector who has already done many home inspection services. As home inspection is about to know about unsafe wiring, Pipe breakage etc.

    • sasha says:

      How right you are, when it comes to home inspections, you should hire experience and get references and suggestions from your real estate agent. In home inception as in life, not all things are equal. Thanks for your comment :-)

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