Home Staging Mistakes For Windsor Houses

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Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

For Windsor houses that are ready to go on the market, here are some mistakes to avoid when preparing to open your home to prospective buyers.  These are some of the most common issues we see and you would be surprised at how many of these items can break a deal.

1. Clothes and personal items left around the house.  Take time before a showing to make sure all belongings are put away.  Leaving a jacket on a chair leaves the impression that a seller is walking around the house.

2.  Sellers present during a showing.  Whatever you do, please leave when buyers visit your home.  Buyers don’t feel comfortable looking at Windsor houses with you standing nearby.  Let the real estate agent do their work.

3.  Using a bedroom has a storage facility.  An extra bedroom should be displayed as that:  an extra bedroom.  Take all extra items and store away or rent a space.  Not only are you conveying to a buyer that you have little space but you are missing a valuable opportunity to highlight an extra bedroom.

4.  Cluttered refrigerator with magnets and busy bulletin boards:  It’s simple.  A buyer does not want to see your life displayed throughout the home.  Yes, you live there, but when selling your home, you need to remove anything that distracts a buyer.  Instead of them looking at your beautiful granite countertops, they are studying your refrigerator which overloaded with papers and pictures.  Declutter!

5.  Displaying of stuffed animal heads.  While you may be an avid hunter and enjoy showcasing your trophies, there is a good chance your buyer won’t share your enthusiasm and chances are, be offended or appalled at your display.  We strongly suggest to all owners of Windsor houses to remove these items if selling your home is important.

6.  Having pets in house.  All owners love their own pets, but buyers may not so much.  Make arrangements to have someone come and take your dogs during the appointment or arrange to drop them off to a doggie daycare.

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