Homes for Sale Windsor: Why Getting a Pre-Inspection Can Save You Money

Posted in Buyer Blog | 07/01/2012

Homes for Sale Windsor

Homes for Sale Windsor

Buying a home is probably the largest single investment you will make in your lifetime.  To protect yourself, and to avoid any costly surprises, it is imperative that you get a home inspection for any homes for sale in Windsor.

For a seller, hiring a professional home inspector before you put your home on the market can give you the opportunity to correct any repairs so that your house will be in better selling condition.  For the buyer, before signing a contract, it is wise to make sure there is an inspection clause that makes the final purchase contingent on a satisfactory home inspection.

All homes for sale in Windsor benefit from a thorough inspection by a professional.  But what does an inspection include?  It depends on the inspector, however, the standard report will cover the condition of the home’s heating system, central air condition system, plumbing, electrical systems, roof, attic and insulation as well conditions of the walls, ceilings floors, windows and doors for any visible damage.  Finally, the foundation, basement and structural components will also be inspected.

The cost for an inspection for homes for sale in Windsor can vary but usually range from $300 – $500.  If you are a buyer, it is a good idea to accompany the inspector as you could pick up valuable information and ask the needed questions should any type of problem be evident.  An experienced home inspector can give you a wealth of information and offer their opinion on what costs can run should a repair be needed.

Don’t try and conduct a home inspection yourself even if you have experience with home repairs.  Most buyers are too attached to the house to be objective.  A good inspector who knows all elements of housing construction, maintenance and proper codes is also impartial and will give you the best information and advice regarding your purchase.

Remember, home inspections are not a luxury, but a necessity.  They can save you big money and allow you to purchase or sell your home with confidence.



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