Hot Summer Selling Tips For Windsor Houses

Posted in General Blog | 08/06/2012

Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

Selling Windsor Houses during the summer does pose certain challenges.  While spring is the busiest time of the year to put your home on the market, summer is still a popular time, especially for families who prefer to move before school starts.

Of course, families are busy with other activities as well during the three months school is out.  They go on vacation and summer sports and commitments often take precedent as well as out of town visitors stop by.  Overall it’s a very busy time.  That’s why, if it is important that you sell your home during the summer you need to have your home ready for those buyers who are want to buy a home now.

Here are some tips you may want to consider for buyers looking at Windsor Houses this summer:

Supply Cool Drinks and Snacks:  If you live in a climate where it is very hot, consider having bottled water on ice in an attractive bowl on the kitchen counter.  Have a plate of freshly baked cookies as well to provide a pick me up.  If buyers are refreshed, they make look at your house in a whole new light.

Speaking Of Light:  Make sure that you rid your home of heavy, winter draperies and let the sun shine in!  Unless it’s a scorcher outside where you want to have your blinds slightly shut to cool down the house, or you have an eyesore outside, letting the light into a house makes it appear brighter.

Use Summer Accessories:  If you are selling a home with a beautiful patio, stage your table to include attractive summer dinner and glassware.  If you have a swimming pool, put a basket of neatly folded beach towels near by to create an inviting scene.  Add decorative pillows or throw rugs in summer colors where needed.

Control The Temperature:  Walking into a hot house on a hot day is a big turnoff to buyers.  Now is not the time to think about your air conditioning bill.  If you leave your temperature at a comfortable level, then buyers will stay longer to view your house.  Don’t chase them out just as they walk into the front door.

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