Houses For Sale In Windsor Ontario Benefit With Staging

Posted in Buyer Blog | 27/07/2013

Houses For Sale In Windsor Ontario

Houses For Sale In Windsor Ontario

There are many houses for sale in Windsor Ontario that do a beautiful job of staging.  I cannot emphasize enough how critical it is to prepare your home before you list it so you have a better chance of selling it quickly and for top dollar.  Staging can help you accomplish this.

Sellers are often under the impression that staging won’t work or it costs too much.  Here are some other reasons clients often tell their agent why they don’t feel the need to stage:

1.  “We live here”!

Homeowners are often under the impression that they cannot live in a home that looks too perfect.  But in reality, I have had clients tell me it’s much easier to live in a home that is staged.  There is less clutter to clean and they find they don’t miss the “stuff.”

2.  “Sorry, but buyers will love my house the way it is!”

In a nutshell, a buyer wants to see an organized home that has been depersonalized.  The goal of course, is to make it easier for buyers to imagine living in the home with their belongings.  This is difficult to do when houses for sale in Windsor Ontario are stuffed with too many things.

3.  “I can’t afford it”

Staging does not have to be expensive, in fact, often just a consultation is necessary.  But by all means, if you know that staging is absolutely not in your budget, then this is a job a homeowner can  do themselves if necessary.  The goal is to make small rooms appear larger and flow easily.  The hardest part about staging is taking your emotional self out of the equation.  Ask a friend or family member to walk around the house with you and determine should go and what should stay.

4.  “We think our outdated look will appeal to quirky buyers”

There is a home for everyone and certainly there are buyers that like the retro look.  However, the majority of buyers want to move into a home that is ready with little remodeling as possible.  Most buyers just don’t have the time, patience or budget to update a home.  The longer your home sits on the market, then it becomes necessary to lower the price.  A stager can help you update a home within your budget.

5.  “Staging didn’t even exist last time we sold our home!”

There are those sellers who think staging isn’t necessary because they have sold many homes before without any problems.  But if it has been years since you last sold Windsor real estate you will soon discover that today’s buyers are much different than they were even a few years ago.  Thanks to the Internet, buyers have access to many more homes than ever before.  They are educated and know what homes are out there.  A home that is move-in ready and shows well are usually the first properties to go.

6. “Does staging require I buy more furniture or things I won’t need?”

No.  Stagers often work with you already have.  Their job is to re-arrange your furniture to show more space and take away the busy knick knacks that distract a buyer.  Of course, there are many price points a seller may look at when considering hiring a stager, but all professional staging companies will work within your budget.  Again, as mentioned above, one of the best things you can do is hire someone for a consultation only.  You can receive lots of great advice from someone who can show your home’s every advantage.

images-2Again, staged homes often sell more quickly and at better prices and this extra step can make a huge difference in selling your Windsor real estate.  For homes that have been sitting on the market for months without a bite, I have seen stagers come in and make wonderful changes that made the home appealing for all types of buyers.  Simple tricks that made a difference:

1.  Removing personal photos from walls

2.  Clearing the kitchen counters of all appliances or gadgets.

3.  Clearing most books, trophies, personal collections from shelf units

4.  Removing all items from bathroom counters, using fluffy white towels, replacing shower curtains and bath rugs if necessary.

5.  Removing oversized furniture to make a room look larger.

6.  Removing at least 1/3 of all clothing from closets to make buyers feel there is lots of storage space.

7.  Knowing how to accent a room where a buyer can say, “I can see myself living here!”

If you are wondering if your Windsor real estate needs a stager, ask your real estate agent for their professional opinion.

Houses For Sale In Windsor Ontario

Houses For Sale In Windsor Ontario

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