How Motivated Are You To Sell Your Real Estate Listing In Windsor Ontario?

Posted in General Blog | 05/10/2013

Real Estate Listings Windsor Ontario

Real Estate Listings Windsor Ontario

Are you a homeowner who is eager to sell their real estate listing in Windsor Ontario?  How motivated are you to sell your home?  There are many sellers who are simply curious to see if they can get a certain price for their home, and if they don’t, they will simply let the listing expire.  But there are still many out there who must sell their home quickly either do to a job loss, transfer, desire to move closer to family or simply eager to   buy a bigger or smaller home.

If you are a motivated seller here is one piece of advice:  Don’t show your buyer your cards.  In other words, don’t let your buyer know that you are eager or even desperate to sell your home.  Why?  Because they will give you a lowball offer right away.  Once a buyer knows you will entertain any offer, then why wouldn’t they give you their lowest?

What all sellers want, despite their circumstances, is to get the best price for their home. Period.  If you are selling a home, and want to find a buyer quickly, then do the following:

1. Set a realistic price:

Now is not the time to over price your home hoping to generate more money.  Buyers today are educated and they won’t consider a home that is priced too high for the market.  Therefore, review neighbourhood comps (homes that are similar to yours and what they SOLD for), and work with your agent to list a price that you can live with.  Remember, not all home improvements or updates are attractive to buyers so just because you put in a swimming pool, doesn’t mean you will get that money back.  In fact, swimming pools are often viewed as a negative to some buyers.

2. Don’t ignore lowball offers:

While receiving a low ball offer is not what any seller wants, don’t get angry and insulted and tell your agent to forget the deal.  Many lowball offers are made simply to see where a seller stands and how he responds.  Make a counter offer to  indicate that you are willing to continue negotiations.  Work with your real estate agent to determine your strategy.  Some may recommend making a counter offer at full price or may suggest coming down in price to get the ball rolling.

3.  Reduce Price:

images-7If you have not received any attention from sellers regarding your property, even after a week, then you may want to consider lowering your price right away.  Why?  The first few days a home goes on the market are the busiest.  This is where you should see lots of activity on your house, with several appointments and hopefully an offer.  If a home is priced right, this will happen.  If not, there is a very good chance your home is priced too high, needs obvious repairs or perhaps in an undesirable location.  And if the latter is true, it is all the more important to price your home right!  Location matters to buyers.

4.  Speaking of repairs…..

The majority of all buyers want a home that is move-in ready.  It is a small minority that are willing to consider a home that is need of repairs or updating.  If possible, do as much as you can do.  A gallon of paint works wonders on a tired, dated home.  The same with fixing a leaky faucet or cleaning out gutters.  Curb appeal doesn’t require a complete landscaping overhaul, but rather a mowed lawn, weed-free flower beds, a welcoming front door and trimmed hedges.  Power wash your home if needed and make the entire property sparkling clean.  Declutter and create a home where a buyer can imagine living there.

5.  Market:

Hire a real estate agent that knows how to market your home.  Is your house located near a good school district?  Make sure it’s mentioned in all sales materials.  Is it close to downtown, public transportation, parks and entertainment?  Include it!  Take advantage of social media and promote your home on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.  Have professional photos taken, do a virtual tour and put up on YouTube.  Ask friends and family to share as well.  It’s all about contacts and shared information, so don’t be shy.

Again, if you are a motivated seller, you don’t need to shout the reasons you need to sell your home from the rooftops.  Price your home to sell, consider all offers, clean, repair and market is what will sell your home for the best price!



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