How Much Does It Cost To Move From Windsor Real Estate?

Posted in General Blog | 09/07/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

Moving from your Windsor real estate can be expensive.  This final step in the house selling experience often surprises my clients because they have no idea how much it will cost, nor what they need to budget for.  Moving professionals estimate that between 10 – 15 percent of the value of your home will go toward moving costs.  So consider these steps before you even pack your first box:

1.  On average, movers charge $80 on up for one hour.  Again, this is an estimate.  Keep in mind that extra movers cost more. When interviewing movers, ask them how many they will hire for your job, how long will it take to load and then unpack.  Ask if there will be any extra charges or fees.  Also, how far are you moving?  Short distance?  Long?  Be sure and ask about transportation costs, gas and mileage as well as insurance. Get it in writing.

2.  Boxing and supplies can add up as well.  You will need boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and a dolly if you plan on packing yourself.  Costs can range up to $2.50 per item.

3.  If you plan on moving yourself, companies such as U-Haul are popular with many people.  Remember, while rates often begin at low prices, you will need to consider other fees such as gas and per mile rates.

4.  Food and refreshments should be made available to friends if you are asking them to help you pack.  Make arrangements in advance to have food delivered so it’s one less thing you need to think about. Provide a cooler loaded with bottled water and other favorite beverages.

5.  If your move requires more than one day, then you will need to make hotel arrangements.  If professional movers are taking your car, then you will need to find a rental car as well.

When you first consider selling your house, take some time and research the costs of moving.  For many, the cost is much higher than they ever considered.  Don’t be caught off guard.

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