How Much Windsor House Do You Need?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 26/06/2012

Windsor House

Windsor House

At one time buying a large, grand Windsor house was in vogue.  The rule was to buy as much house as you could afford as mortgage loans were handed out freely and homes were increasing in value so fast that it seemed like a no brainer.  Then reality hit.  Now smaller homes have become the hot properties to purchase not only from a financial standpoint, but also people are more conscious of the carbon footprint their lives are leaving.

So how much of a Windsor house do you really, really need?  Answer these questions and see if this gives you some insight.

1.  Where do you see yourself and your family in the future?  Do you see yourself raising your family in this home?  Are you going to have more children or will children soon be leaving the nest?  Do you see aging parents moving in with you?

2. How stable is your career?  If you want a larger home, will you be able to afford the upkeep for an undermined amount of time should you lose your job?  Are there lots of jobs in your area of work?  Or will you need to relocate?

3.  Can you maintain the home?  Larger homes require more maintenance.  There are times where it seems that a repair is always needed.  Do you enjoy doing the work yourself?  Are you interested in purchasing a home with lots of landscaping?  That requires lots of weekend work.  If it’s something you enjoy and you consider working around the house and gardening a way to relax, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Other questions to consider when purchasing a Windsor house, is that while a too big home is often a waste, a small home can be a headache.  Here are some more considerations. Do you like to entertain?  Do you have hobbies that require more room?  Do you work from home and need a home office?

Write down where you see yourself in a few years.  Chances are you may reevaluate what type of home you really, really need.

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