How Not To Market Your Windsor Property

Posted in General Blog | 01/08/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

Selling your Windsor property can still be challenging in today’s market despite the good news that home sales are improving.  As mentioned in our earlier post today, it’s still a buyer’s market and for many selling their property, the panic is beginning to set in as their home continues to sit without an offer.

For many, it’s time to revamp your Windsor property’s presence on the Internet.  We are huge believers that a strong and vivid appearance on as many websites as possible is a huge plus.  But, it is imperative that you present your home in the best possible way!  Yes, your home can be promoted everywhere, but it needs to be promoted correctly.  Here is what to avoid:

1.  Bad photos of your home:  No seller will be the least bit impressed nor schedule a showing if your home is photographed with bad lighting. Buyers will always buy the sunny, well lit home.  So make sure drapes are open and furniture is not blocking the windows.

2.  Photos show clutter:  Even if your home is picked up, buyers notice if bookshelves looks disheveled.  They see if a countertop has too many appliances.  What does this tell you? If a buyer sees your life in the home then they can’t visualize living there themselves and they click to view the next property online.

3.  Photos show poor curb appeal: If your Windsor property is over grown, then a buyer can’t see the house.  Simple as that.

4.  Don’t use bad key words: When describing your property online, forget words like cozy, charming, conveniently located, efficient kitchen, usable land.  What it means?  Cozy is small, charming means old, conveniently located means noisy, efficient kitchen means too small and usable land means no trees.

5.  Use good key words:  Phrases buyers like to see when you promote your property: “No closing costs!” “Close in 7 days,”  “Gorgeous views!”

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