How NOT To Sell Your New Windsor Real Estate

Posted in General Blog | 17/06/2012

New Windsor Real Estate

New Windsor Real Estate

Selling your New Windsor real estate?  Obviously with summer well underway, your home is one among many where sellers are eager to find a buyer.  So a good way to have buyers turn around and walk away is if you don’t prepare your home.  Here are the top turnoffs for buyers:

1.  Bad Odors:  Walking into a home that just plain smells bad means the amount of offers will be close to zero.  Whether the odor comes from cigarettes, pets, cooking or anything offensive, it’s a guaranteed turnoff.

2.  Dogs On The Loose:  If you have an animal that greets a perspective buyer at the door, especially by jumping up and down and barking, buyers often leave without stepping inside your home.  While you may think your animal is adorable, chances are, buyers won’t.  Make sure that your pets are removed during showings if at all possible.  Your buyers need to view your New Windsor real estate without any distractions.

3.  Dirty:  What buyer wants to see dirty dishes in a sink?  A grimy bathroom?  Unmade beds?  If you are serious about selling your home, then you must take the time to make sure it is spotless and clean.

4.  Dark Rooms:  Buyers love homes that are bright and airy.  Dark rooms indicate that a room is smaller than it might be.  Replace dim light fixtures and add additional lights if needed.  Remove heavy drapes, repaint with bright colours and trim any outdoor shrubbery if it blocks the light from coming into the windows.

5.  Busy Wallpaper:  Again, this is a major problem for most buyers.  It makes the room look smaller not to mention that it is extremely rare for a buyer to feel the same way about your taste in wallpaper as you do.  Don’t take it personally, but consider removing the wallpaper and painting with a neutral colour.

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