How Often Can I Call Windsor Real Estate Agents?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 12/08/2012

New Windsor Real Estate Agents

New Windsor Real Estate Agents

Windsor real estate agents, myself included, are always asked, “How often can I call you?”  We are in the business of helping you with your real estate needs, which can often be a stressful and confusing time.  This means that we are available to taking care of your needs when any questions or concerns come up.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, the process can be detailed, from the very first meeting until the day you sign the final papers.  If you are a buyer, then we work closely with you to find out what type of home and neighbourhood you desire.  If a buyer doesn’t know what they want, then it’s our job to help you narrow the choices.  Either by touring various communities, looking at various home styles and following up with emails or phone conversations, it is necessary that communication be open when the need arises.

The same goes with those selling their property.  We can assist you with valuable information, such as what repairs should be made, home staging and getting your property ready for sale.

When first meeting with Windsor real estate agents, a good question to ask is how often you can call.  Also ask about their follow-up methods.  Do they call you back the same day?  Do they have assistants calling you back? Do they respond quickly to emails?  Find out what works best for you and the agent.  During this initial meeting, it is also a good time to discuss the following:

1.  Discuss a weekly telephone update

2.  Texting. For quick questions, does your agent text?

3.  Voice mail.  How often does your agent check his or her voice mail?

In the next blog, I will discuss reasons you should call your agent.

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