How Pinterest Helps Homes For Sale In Windsor Ontario

Posted in General Blog | 10/08/2013

Homes For Sale Windsor Onatrio

Homes For Sale Windsor Onatrio

Whether you are buying or listing homes for sale in Windsor Ontario, Pinterest has been a valuable resource since its inception four years ago.  As a real estate agent, I can tell you that this site can make your house hunt or home ownership easy and fun.

Basically, Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board.  Users can organize and collect photos for all sorts of things.  In the real estate sense, it is a bona fide hit.  The pin “home” is the number one category of all pinning.  Here users will find images that they like from the Internet and add it to their Pinterest site or rather, “boards.”

For example, let’s say you just bought a home and you are looking for ways to organise your kitchen.  You simply can go online and find photos you like, or on the Pinterest main page and you can type in “kitchen organisation” in the search option.  Here you will find the most creative and innovative techniques that are available regarding this subject.  Homeowners also insists that using Pinterest is an easy and fun way to plan large and small home projects.  What Pinterest does is eliminate the need to cut and tear your favorite pictures from magazines and store in a notebook.  With the easy Pinterest app, you can retrieve all of your boards from your smart phone.

How Pinterest can help you sell your home:

Do you want easy, creative tips to sell your home.  Look at Pinterest.  Here are some great search words to help set your home from the rest:

1.  20 ways to add curb appeal:

Here you will get great ideas including how to dress up the front door of your home,  creative outdoor lighting,  installing an instant garden and mailbox makeovers.

2.  Tips to stage home:

images-10Again, here are some terrific ways to stage your home so that it can sell quickly and at a better price.  Topics and photos include, how to cut out clutter, paint colours that buyers appreciate, easy do it yourself projects and what belongings to leave and what goes.

3.  How to have perfect garage sale:

If you are moving, chances are you want to get rid of lots of stuff that you no longer need nor want.  There is no better way to do this than by having a garage or yard sale.  Not only can you make some money, but there is less to pack and move.  Find out how to have a successful garage sale by typing in the above phrase.  These boards include everything from pricing,  using the Internet to advertise, strategies on how to get top dollar when bargaining and what buyers are always looking for.

4.  Tips on selling your home:

Again, more terrific ways that you can make your home stand out.  Some of these ideas that various readers and professional real estate agents offer include how to make that valuable first impression, creating good marketing photos, advertising your home on the Internet, as well as simple ideas such as fresh flowers, clean surfaces and ways to beat odors from turning off buyers.

If you are buying a home, then consider starting a Pinterest board to show your real estate agent the types of homes and floor plans you like.  Many buyers do this today and it really is helpful for an agent to get an idea on the style of homes to look for their clients.

Here’s another great example on the limitless possibilities regarding Pinterest. Now let’s say you bought a home and you have no idea what to do with the small laundry room to make it more efficient.  Or maybe you are not sure how to clean hardwood floors or organize a small pantry.  You need to look no further than Pinterest.  Simply type in the phrase what you want to know and you will find numerous articles, photos, tutorials on how to create exactly what you want.  There are no shortage of ideas.  You can create just about anything or find virtually everything on Pinterest.

In fact, not only is Pinterest about home design, gardening and such, but it also explains homeowners topics such as :  Understanding escrow, mortgage application checklist, answers to top real estate questions and creating an easy moving experience.

By all means, check out Pinterest when looking for creative real estate ideas when either buying or selling your home.



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