How to Add Curb Appeal To Your Windsor House For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 08/03/2013

Windsor House For Sale

Windsor House For Sale

Spring hasn’t sprung quite yet, so how do you add curb appeal to your Windsor house for sale?  The grass is still dormant, bulbs are barely peeking through the cold soil and quite frankly, your house may look a bit tired from the cold winter.

We all know that curb appeal is a must if you want to sell your home for top dollar.  This first impression is what buyers will see to determine if they even want to make an appointment for your home.  In fact, buyers sometimes won’t even get out of the car if they don’t like what they see on the outside.

So what can you do to improve your curb appeal for potential buyers?  How can you make your home stand out from the rest?  Here are some popular ways to make buyers set up an appointment so your house can sell quickly.

1.  Power Wash:

If your home is like everyone else’s this time of the year.  Chances are, it has seen better days.  There may be layers of dirt and the windows need attention.  Either rent or borrow a power washer and give your home a good spray.  Be careful not to take off any paint.

2.  Flower Beds:

Your flower beds and gardens are probably be covered right about now from leaves, debris and other things that have accumulated over the winter.  While you probably don’t have many if any flowers at this time, make sure at least that your flowerbeds look decent.

3.  Trim trees/branches:

This is a good time to go and make sure all branches are trimmed so they don’t block the view of your home.  This will also give your house some much-needed light inside.

4.  Prune flower bushes:

After your flowering shrubs have bloomed, trim them back once the flowers fade.  By doing this, it creates a good visual appearance.  Don’t let bushes get out of shape or have dead flowers hanging on them.  This means that you take pride in your house and curb appeal is important to you.

5.  Plant pots of flowers:

Even if you can’t put flowers in their beds yet, plant some annuals and sturdy spring flowers in pots near your front door.  Make sure they look complimentary to your style of home.  You can put them going down your front steps, or maybe hang baskets.  Just make sure they stay watered.

6.  Clean Gutters:

Buyers do look at your gutters.  And if they don’t the first visit, they will the second, especially if they notice sticks and leaves hanging out.  Take our word for it, messy gutters are an eyesore, so hire someone or do it yourself.  It’s not a fun job, but it needs to be done.

7.  Mulch!  Mulch!  Mulch!

It’s amazing what a bit of mulch can do to a yard.  It pulls it all together and gives the landscaping a nice, finished, polished look.  This really is a must, especially if your tired soil is looking a bit sad after a long winter.

Here we have a few things to avoid with landscaping.

1.  Forget about high maintenance yards.  Buyers today don’t want that.  Many don’t see themselves as gardeners and for the most part, they just lack the time to maintain.  The best thing you can do is creating flower gardens that require little work.  That means hardy perennials and native plants.

2.  Don’t go crazy on lawn ornaments.  What you may think is cute others may not.  So get rid of the gnomes, plastic animals, pink flamingoes and lawn globes.

3.  Over the top outdoor spaces:

Outside fireplaces, kitchens, elaborate pools and other expensive items don’t impress buyers like they did a few years ago.  The $75,000 outdoor kitchen you paid for now is probably worth about $25,000.  Buyers just don’t see it as necessary, especially when you stay inside about 5 – 6 months out of the year.

images-8The most important thing you can do for your first impression is make it an extension of the inside of your home.  If you have a tacky yard, with overgrown weeds, dying flowers, a lawn that is dying, then it tells buyers that the inside of your home is probably not so great either.  Lawn clean up is key in getting top dollar for your home and maintaining its value.  If you live in a family neighbourhood, make sure your yard is family friendly.



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