How To DeClutter Houses For Sale In Windsor Ontario

Posted in General Blog | 14/08/2013

Houses For Sale Windsor Ontario

Houses For Sale Windsor Ontario

It has been repeated so many times on this site the importance of decluttering houses for sale in Windsor Ontario in order to get top dollar.  Getting your home ready for buyers and pricing it correctly are the two most important things you can do to sell your home quickly.  Pride of ownership must be evident as buyers will rightly assume that you are serious about selling your home.

But here is the problem.  Sellers often balk when real estate agents walk through their home and strongly suggest that a major decluttering is needed.  Sellers hate to move around their various collections or store oversized, comfortable furniture.  Again, this has been discussed frequently on this website, however, more often than not sellers are not quite sure what stays and what they must store away.  Where do you draw the line?

I have recently come across some helpful questions to ask yourself as you prepare your home for the market.  See how you answer them:

1.  Is this an item that I use regularly or infrequently?

2.  Is this an item that I love?

3.  Am I keeping this because I feel I have to?

4.  Am I holding on to this because I think I love it?

5.  Am I saving this because I might need it again?

6.  How many of these do I have?

7.  Do I have something similar to this that works just as well?

8.  Am I keeping this broken item because I will fix it one day?

9.  Is the item worth the price and time to store it?

10.  What else could I use this space for?

One important suggestion is to answer these questions honestly but never throw anything away on impulse.  One client was moving and she decided, without giving it time, to donate all of her kitchen dishes because she wanted newer things.  However, she later regretted this spur of the moment decision because the cost of replacing many of the items was more expensive than she thought.  So take a deep breath, walk away from the personal item, then make a decision.  But again, if you don’t use it or can’t think of a good reason to keep something, then it’s best to get rid of it. So pace yourself before you get overwhelmed and overloaded.

So here are some items that we suggest you think about getting rid of when you are preparing your home to sell.  While you can tweak this as much as you feel necessary, again, go back and really ask yourself if you are going to need this item in your new home.

1.  Trash:  Get rid of all trash and that includes looking through junk drawers that we all have in our homes.

2.  Broken items:

Do you really want to take a broken item with you when you move because you are under the impression that you will fix it “one day.’  Think again.  If an item is broken, stained, missing parts or doesn’t work, seriously consider getting rid of it especially if it has been laying around for several months.  There is a more than likely chance if you haven’t fixed it yet, it’s because you haven’t needed it.

3.  Duplicates:

How many vases do you really need?  What about serving platters or other kitchen accessories?  In the bathroom do you really need dozens of towels or lots of candles? Donate or toss any duplicate versions that you are hanging on to “just because.”

4.  If you haven’t used it in a year.

Some people hang on to older clothes because, “they might come back in fashion soon.” Or they will keep that waffle maker because they are certain they will use it “the next time I have guests” despite the fact they never do.  If you haven’t used that bread maker, played a board game or listened to your CD’s then let it go!

5.  Paperwork for no legal reason to keep.

If you are keeping your old cheques or a warranty from an appliance you no longer own – then get rid of it.  Paperwork that you know you have no reason to keep for legal or financial reasons should be shredded.

6.  No room:

If you are debating to keep your family room furniture even though you have no place for it in your new home, you should reconsider.  Why pay for storage fees if it will just sit there?  If you are moving into a smaller property, then you need to live like a person with less stuff.

Again, decluttering is an emotional avenue that every person make take at one time.  No one can decide for you what you must have and what you don’t need, but by asking the above questions, we have hopefully made the job easier for you.


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