How To Get A High Appraisal For Your Windsor Properties

Posted in General Blog | 17/05/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

Whether you have one home or several Windsor properties, the goal for any seller is to get the highest appraisal they can when putting their property on the market.  By not preparing your home for an appraiser, and your home value is dependent on a successful sale, you could be in danger of losing the deal.  Here are some ideas to get the highest appraisal for your house.

1.  Check current home values in your neighborhood: If you have homes for sale in your neighborhood, check what prices they are going for.  Be educated on the prices and use it as a starting point when going for an appraisal.

2.  Make a list:  If you have made major improvements and remodeling for your Windsor properties, then don’t hesitate to make a list of the upgrades and show it to your appraiser.

3.  Clean, clean, clean!  Even for an appraiser, the first impression is critical.  Don’t leave a mess for your appraiser to walk through, as you won’t be scoring any points.

4.  Make any repairs prior to appointment.  It’s not enough to say to your appraiser that you will repair the leaky ceiling “soon.”  An appraiser is looking at your home in its present condition and will only base their decision on what they see that day.  So fix and repair anything that is needed before an appraiser knocks on your door.

5.  Tidy the outside:  It’s not enough to clean the inside.  Make sure the outside of your home is looking nice as well. Cut the grass, plant flowers and make any outside improvements or repairs before your appointment.

6.  No distractions:  Make sure that your pet, such as a barking dog, is sent away the day an appraiser arrives. It’s always best to keep anything away that will take the focus off of your home.  You will want your appraiser fully engaged and not stressed that your dog is jumping on him or her.

7.  Real estate agent present:  If your agent can be at your Windsor properties during the inspection process that can be helpful.  Working together helps in receiving the highest value.

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