How To Have Successful Garage Sale When Moving From Windsor Property

Posted in General Blog | 17/06/2013

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

If you are moving from your Windsor property, chances are, you will have a garage sale to  get rid things you no longer need nor want.  A garage sale is a great way to make some extra money and a great way to move with less!  Why pay a mover to pack things you no longer want?

I recommend having a garage sale before you even put your home on the market?  Why?  Because when you list your property, you need to declutter and get rid of about one-third of your stuff.  If that means storing it away, selling or donating it, then that is completely up to you.  But a home that is cluttered with knick knacks and too much furniture makes it difficult for buyers to imagine living in your home.  So just before you list your house, plan on having a garage sale now that the weather is good!  Here’s some pointers on how to have a successful sale to make the most money possible:

1.  Ask other families/neighbours to join.

The more stuff you have, the bigger the crowd, so ask others to join in your sale.  Garage sale pros tell us when they see lots of activity and bargains, it’s a huge crowd pleaser and you are likely to make some good money.

2.  Price carefully:

Make sure prices are easy to see for your customers and price things well.  Remember, people like bargains.  This doesn’t mean you have to give things away, but don’t price silly things that you know you won’t take with you for too much.  Usually, when it’s priced too high, buyers won’t even negotiate but rather walk away.

3.  Be willing to bargain but…..

The pros tell us that bargaining is the name of the game for those who frequent garage sales.  But don’t bargain too much right away.  If you are looking at a specific price for something, you can always say, “Right now I’m sticking to that price, however, if you would like to come back later, I may go lower if no other offers.”

4.  Advertise!

This goes without saying, but put plenty of signs around your neighbourhood and advertise in the local paper, your Facebook page or signs by local stores.

5.  Start early!

Garage sale enthusiasts like to start early, so be willing to open your sale earlier rather than later.  If you feel like it, serve coffee and have donuts.

6.  Display top items to their advantage:

If you are eager to get rid of bigger, more expensive items, make sure they are properly displayed and you advertise them well in advance. Tools, furniture and other hot items usually go fast if priced correctly and buyers will make a beeline to these items if they can see them from the street.

7.  Make a testing area:

Unknown-16If you are selling anything electronic, or anything that comes with a plug, make sure buyers can test it, so display these items next to an outlet.

8. Walk around like a customer:

Just before the sale starts, walk around and pretend you are a customer.   Are items displayed well?  Are the prices visible?  Can they manuever around without knocking things over?  Do you have plenty of one dollar bills and change?

9.  Finally, make ground rules:

Make sure everyone is in agreement about the ground rules as far as pricing and bargaining.  If you won’t take anything less than $20 for a framed mirror, make sure others participating in your sale know about it.  It’s not fun to walk away and find out your spouse sold it for five bucks.

Overall, having a garage sale can be a good experience.  Not only are you making some money, and in many cases, people make several hundred dollars or more, but you are also starting your moving experience with a lot less stuff.  By putting in some hard work, and good preparation, you can have a tremendously successful sale.  And as always, you may be surprised by what people buy.  What you may consider junk, may very well be someone’s treasure, so put it out there even if you think it won’t sell!  You never know!

Once your sale is over, arrange to have the rest of your items picked up for donation purposes.  Don’t let anything go back into the house!

Now it’s time to put your house on the market!

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