How To Inspect Windsor Condos Before Buying

Posted in Buyer Blog | 06/06/2012

Windsor Condos

Windsor Condos

If you are interested in purchasing a Windsor Condo at some point in the near future, there are a few things to consider when you begin the search process.  There are several items that should be researched before you make a final decision.  Working with a professional real estate agent with lots of experience, particularly with buying and selling condos, can make this process much easier.

Consider these steps before you sign a contract:

1. How is the design and layout?  Does the condo face the wind or sun?  Will it get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?

2.  What is the noise level like?  Are you next to the trash dispensers or recreation room?  What about the swimming pool?  Ask your neighbors how popular your location is.

3.  Is privacy an issue?  Again, if you are on a lower level, do you like the idea of someone walking by and glancing in your home?  Can they see through your windows and doors?  Is the deck or patio private or wide open?

4.  Is there ample parking?  Do you have guests that often come over?  Is there enough parking for them?  Does your condo include a garage or covered parking?  Is the area will lit?  Does the parking have it’s own deed?

5.  Who lives in the Windsor condos you are considering?  Are they mostly young singles?  Families?  Retirees?

6.  What are the facilities like?  Are they well maintained?  Does the swimming pool look clean? Is the landscaping regularly attended to?  How does the paint job look?  The roof?

7.  Are pets allowed?  Is there an area close by where dogs can go without a leash?

8.  Are the Windsor Condos secure?  Has there been any crime?   Is the area open to anyone or must you enter through locked gates?  Is there security on the premises or a security system in place?

9. Is the reserve fund adequately funded? If not, you can be faced with a special assessment for capital improvements.

These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself whenever you consider purchasing a Windsor condo.  It’s best to ask questions now, rather than later.

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