How To Lose Traffic With Your Windsor Property

Posted in General Blog | 20/03/2013

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

This spring the one thing that every home seller wants to see is lots of traffic going through their Windsor property.  The last thing you want is a home that has a reputation for not being a good show.  Real estate agents value their client’s time and budget so it is rare that we tour homes that aren’t worth fitting into a buyer’s busy schedule if a seller doesn’t prepare and make their home appealing.

So what makes a home difficult to show?

1.  Overpriced

If a home is overpriced, with sellers unwilling to even think about budging on the price, it’s not worth our time to show the house.

2.  Dirty and needs repairs

If a home is filthy and in need of lots of major repairs, it’s difficult to take our clients through a home when so many others are available.  Buyers can’t get pass the dirt and grime as well as the clutter when they tour a home.  They have a hard time imaging living there with their belongings.  So when this happens, buyers aren’t interested.  And the repairs?  Few buyers want to buy a home that is a fixer upper.

3.  Strict showing times

If a seller isn’t willing to make their home accessible, then buyers won’t look.  Often times a buyer will see a home and want to see it that day.  Maybe they are relocating and only available for a few hours or perhaps they want to see it on their lunch break or one night after work.  A seller must be flexible.

4.  No marketing

A property that is for sale that doesn’t do any online marketing, means that buyers will have no idea it’s out there.  Take into consideration that 90 percent of buyers looking for homes, start on the Internet.  So if you don’t have pictures, and good quality ones at that, active promotions, virtual tours, heavy social media presence with Facebook, Twitter and websites, then buyers won’t find you.

5.  No curb appeal

images-11Again, buyers look online when they start their home search.  So if they don’t see curb appeal, they will go right on to look at the next property.  Good curb appeal doesn’t mean a perfectly landscaped yard and a home worthy of a magazine cover.  It means that the house looks tidy and well-kept.  Buyers assume, and correctly I might add, that if a home looks good on the outside, it will look good on the inside.  So mow the yard, trim the bushes, plant some flowers and sweep away the cobwebs.

6.  Refuse to negotiate

Even if your home is better than the rest on your block, a seller who refuses to look at comps and won’t negotiate, will get the reputation of a difficult home owner.  The same with overpricing your home, a seller needs to know that negotiations are often part of the game.  Whether it be price, throwing in some furniture, or working with closing dates, a seller needs to be accommodating if they want to sell their home quickly.

7.  Not leaving when there is a showing

Buyers like to look at a home with their agent and not when the seller is around.  Why?  Because buyers look in cabinets and closets.  They want to be free with their comments and will unlikely do that when the seller is standing right there.  While it’s true that many homeowners like to be there to offer additional information, take our word for it, buyers much prefer to walk around without you following them.

8.  Pets

Dogs and cats that roam around the house, greet buyers at the door, bark, etc., are nothing but a distraction.  While it’s true you may love your pets, buyers don’t.  So if possible, make sure your pets are gone on the day you have a showing.  Remove all evidence that a pet even lives there by removing kitty litter boxes, cleaning up toys and the backyard is free of any mess that animals leave behind.

9.  Express yourself vividly

If you like purple and bright yellow family rooms and polka-dotted wallpaper in the entryway, that’s fine.  If you have a trophy room filled with stuffed animals that’s okay as well.  But if you are trying to sell your house, then you may have a difficult time if you don’t paint those bright rooms over with a neutral colour.  At the very least, these vivid rooms need to be toned down.  Store your collections in a safe place and remember, you want buyers to look at the rooms, not get distracted by wild colours and your souvenirs.

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