How To Make Your Real Estate Listings in Windsor Ontario Stand Out!

Posted in General Blog | 17/09/2013

Real Estate Listings In Windsor Ontario

Real Estate Listings In Windsor Ontario

No doubt about it, but it is imperative that you make your real estate listings in Windsor Ontario stand out from the rest!  In this day and age, it takes more than ever to have your property rise above the competition.  You need to get your home immediately to the buyer and that means your online presentation and listing must appeal to a wide variety of buyers and updated frequently.

What you must do:

1.  First and foremost, you must clean every corner of your home.  If you photograph a home that looks dirty, or needs work, buyers will immediately fast forward to the next property.  This also includes curb appeal and your backyard landscaping.  There is no short cut here, but it will be the best thing you can do as you prepare your home for sale.

2.  Take and publish only the best photographs of your home.  Even an outstanding home that has all of the bells and whistles will suffer if the online photos of the home are of poor quality.  Blurry, out of focus and poor lighting have a huge negative affect on online presentation.  Why go to all of the trouble of selling your home only to use poor pictures?  Before your real estate agent publishes anything online or in brochures, ask to see the photos first!  Throw out any photos that show a home in the worst possible way.  This includes animals on the furniture, laundry baskets filled with dirty clothes on the kitchen table, dishes in the sink or anything else that even remotely will turn off buyers. You would be surprised at the amout of unprofessional listing photos there are out in the real estate market.

3.  When writing a description of your property, use key words that will appeal to many types of buyers.  If any of these apply, then use:  “Close to outstanding schools,” “Outstanding and sought after neighbourhood!” “Meticulous and well cared for home!” “Lots of upgrades!”  The majority of buyers prefer homes that are move-in ready, so if you have a house that qualifies, make sure buyers know right away.  Promote the strongest points of your house, don’t let them figure it out later!

4.  Update your online listings frequently.  Let’s say your home has been on the market for several months.  If buyers are browsing online and sees your home with the same photos and descriptions, they are going to assume that something is wrong with the property and won’t make an effort to see it.  So now is the time to take down the summer photos and replace with fall photos.  For example, plant seasonal flowers in pots and in flower beds so buyers may not realize right away that your home has been on the market for a while.  Make sure thought that landscaping is well-kept, leaves raked and pathways cleared at all times while your home is listed.  And while I’m at it, take away all lawn ornaments as buyers think they are tacky.  Also, change your descriptions to appeal to those buyers looking for a home now:  “Be home for the holidays!”  “This is the perfect home to create memories!”  Now is the time of year where buyers are feeling nostalgic and eager to find a home where they can celebrate good times.

5.  If you plan on helping the buyer of your home, make it known in the online listing.  If you are willing to pay for some of their closing costs, provide a home warranty, include furniture, then again,  make it known.  Many buyers are simply strapped financially when buying a home so every cent they can save is very appealing.

images-116.  Hire a real estate agent that has ample online experience, including social media.  This is extremely critical since the majority of buyers, 90 percent in fact, go online to find a home.  The majority of these buyers have social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn just to name a few.  Your home should be promoted by your agent on his or her own website as well as these popular sites.  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that today’s buyers want information quickly, so it is imperative that your online listing is not only promoted throughout the Internet, but information is readily available to buyers.  Surprisingly, there are still many agents who don’t use social media and only promote a property on the company’s real estate website.  It’s a fact that without a constant online presence, your home won’t be seen by the majority of buyers.

Again, take the time to create a memorable listing that will make it easy for buyers to not only find your home, but will want to make an appointment right away.



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