How To Make Your Small Windsor Real Estate Look Bigger

Posted in General Blog | 12/07/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

When you put your small Windsor real estate for sale, it is always a good idea to take some time to create a bigger living space before putting it on the market.  Buyers like spacious rooms. Therefore, you would be surprised how easy it is when you take some time to get organized and follow these steps:

1. Family Room:  One of the more popular rooms in the house, this is where families spend a good deal of time.  Buyers are particularly interested in this room and want to imagine themselves living there.  So it’s necessary to make a room look warm and inviting while still appearing spacious.  By reorganizing the furniture, removing all clutter and everything off of the floor if possible, you won’t believe the difference.  For example, take away all stereo equipment, potted plants, knick-knacks, etc.  Don’t let any cables show from the television.  Allow a clear walkway with easy access to and from the room without anything obstructing the path.

2.  Bedrooms:  Remove all pieces of furniture in smaller bedrooms with the exception of a bed and small night stand if necessary.  Again, everything off of the floor and any extra furniture, like a desk or rocking chair, should be removed if it creates any problems moving comfortably in the room.  With smaller closets, use closet organizing tools to create more storage space.  Consider shoe racks and shelving so valuable floor space in the closet is available.

3.  Bathrooms:  Smaller bathrooms look larger when using a light colored or neutral paint. Remove any loud wallpaper, which makes a small room look even tinier. Also sheer window coverings bring in as much sun as possible, which makes a room look bright and bigger.  Make sure all clutter is removed from the sink, shower and bathtub area.

4.  Kitchens:  Buyers will spend a lot of time in your kitchen if it looks clean, spacious and well thought out.  Buyers prefer light colored solid surface countertops for smaller kitchens as it does make the room look bigger.  Also, make sure the counters are completely cleared if you have a tiny kitchen.  Reduce all clutter in this all important room.  This can break or make a deal.

Finally, a good inexpensive way to decorate small rooms is to place decorative mirrors, particularly a large wall mirror placed strategically to reflect light.  It adds warmth and depth to any room.

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