How To Negotiate When Buying New Windsor Real Estate

Posted in Buyer Blog | 23/04/2012

New Windsor Real Estate

New Windsor Real Estate

This website has discussed negotiating skills when selling your Windsor home, but what about if you are looking to buy New Windsor real estate?  Here are some of our suggestions on how to successfully negotiate when you are a homebuyer.

1.  Don’t Lowball Your Offer:  Nothing good usually happens when a buyer makes a lowball offer on a home.  With a few small exceptions, if you bid too low, you will offend the seller and won’t win you any points.  If you and your real estate agent believe the home is fairly priced, then the sellers are serious and will likely entertain several offers.  If you really want the home, bid accordingly.

2.  Walk Away:  It is important for the buyer to know that if negotiations are stalled with a seller not bending, then it could be time to walk away.  It is very likely you will find another home sooner, rather than later, that you will love just as much.  As a real estate agent, I have heard from buyers who believe they will never find another house they will like as much, so they often balk at excusing themselves from the negotiating table, but they always do.  Walking away from a difficult seller is usually always a blessing in disguise.

3.  Control Your Enthusiasm:  It’s true, unless the New Windsor real estate you want to purchase has multiple offers, keep your emotions in check.  You can negotiate from a position of strength if the seller believes you are bidding intelligently, respectfully and will walk away if negotiations stall.   If you have done your homework and understand what home prices are going for with Windsor real estate, then be firm about sticking to your budget.

4.  Set Deadlines:  When making an offer, make sure you set a deadline, preferably 24 hours, for a response. Anything longer can invite a competitive bid if the home is gathering lots of attention.  Don’t give the sellers too much time to find someone else and encourage a bid from them.  The last thing you want is a bidding war.

5.  Be Creative:  If a seller is not budging on price, ask for them to make repairs, pay for closing costs or perhaps throw in some furnishings that you would like to stay in the home.

By hiring a real estate professional for your New Windsor real estate needs, you will have a dedicated agent acting for your best interests.

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