How To Pick Windsor Ontario Real Estate Agents

Posted in General Blog | 14/07/2013

Windsor Ontario Real Estate Agents

Windsor Ontario Real Estate Agents

With so many homeowners listing their properties for sale, how do you go about finding reputable Windsor Ontario real estate agents when you are ready to sell your property?

It’s important to do your research for a variety of reasons, the most important of course, is getting the best price for your home as quickly as possible.  Sound easy to do? Well, not all real estate agents are the same.  According to Forbes Magazine, here are the top five signs of a bad real estate agent:

1.  Lack of communication:

In hiring Windsor Ontario Real estate agents, you want an agent that keeps you in the loop.  In other words, if you go for several weeks without hearing from your representative, then you may have a problem.  I don’t care if you haven’t had a showing in that amount of time, a professional real estate agent will stay in touch, let you know what’s happening with the market in your neighbourhood as well as informing you of the work he or she is doing.  It’s common courtesy.  If they don’t stay in contact with you, how do you know they are following up with other agents and promoting your property?

2.  Not using their resources:

Agents who don’t use all means available to them to sell your home, makes you wonder if they are really interested in selling your property.  If you hire an agent that doesn’t use social media, have an active website, knows how to find your target buyer, works with other Windsor Ontario real estate agents and promotes your property with lots of extra effort, then you may be sitting in your home longer than you would like.

3.  Too much pressure:

No one likes a sales person that applies too much pressure, so if you hire a real estate agent that uses this tactic, then you may be guided towards homes that you don’t really care for nor fits your needs.  Don’t hire an agent that pushes and uses over-the-top methods to sell you a home.  If you are turned off by this type of agent, so will others.

4.  Lack of follow-up.

This is an important reason that Forbes has listed.  I have discussed before how important it is to hire a Windsor Ontario real estate agent that follows up on homes. Let me put it this way:  If a seller has followed our advice on what improvements and repairs to make on their home, usually at some expense, then no doubt they will be interested in what buyers think of their home following a showing.  The homeowners have invested quite a bit of labour and cost into selling their home, so this is why the seller’s agent should always follow-up with the buyer’s agent to see how the appointment went.  Feedback is critical.  Also, during the closing, you will need an agent that is on top of the paperwork and creates as much of a stress-free period as possible for the home seller or buyer.  Finally, when it’s all said and done, it’s helpful to have an agent that will contact you to answer any final questions.  Again, it’s common courtesty.

5.  Lack of leadership:

images-15When hiring someone to sell your home, you want an agent that is at the top of their profession.  This means hiring a full-time professional that is well-regarded as an expert in their field and comes to your first appointment fully researched on your neighbourhood.  Be wary of hiring an agent that tells you what you want to hear.  There are too many horror stories of those that simply will list your house at the price you want without providing any back-up or comps.  This can be a train wreck.  If you list a home too high, buyers won’t come and certainly won’t make an offer.  Choose an agent who can provide you with not only great advice, but has the stats to prove it.

As always, when hiring a Windsor Ontario real estate agent, interview at least three that are well recommended by family, friends or co-workers.  A good agent will come prepared and be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Choose an agent that stands out from the rest and follows through with your requests in a timely, efficient manner.

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