How To Properly Stage Your Windsor Condo

Posted in General Blog | 28/04/2013

Windsor Condos

Windsor Condos

Maybe you are preparing to stage your Windsor condo.  Or perhaps it has been on the market with zero bites.  Selling a condo is different and can often be more challenging than selling a home.  They are unique properties because they are often attached to other units and can be more compact which means staging is often essential to make your condo stand out from others.

What exactly is staging and is it necessary?  Homes that are successfully staged can absolutely sell a home or condo more quickly as it makes a property look bigger, brighter, and well cared for.  Buyers want to imagine living in a home as they walk in, and the simply can’t if it is overrun with clutter and a seller’s personal belongings that distract from the home or condo itself.

Condos are usually smaller than homes, so because staging can make a condo seem bigger, buyers take note and it is a more attractive property.  Here is how you can prepare your condo for sale with just a few easy improvements.  Remember, your goal is to stage your condo as a well thought out and attractive space, decorated with accessories and furnishings that are neutral so a buyer can imagine living there.

1.  Make each room reflect its purpose.

If you have a condo that has a dining room, make sure it is staged as a dining room and not a home office.  Same goes if you have a three bedroom unit.  Allow all three to be displayed as bedrooms.  Buyers can make the determination if a third bedroom can be a home office.

2.  Living rooms:

Because living areas are of prime focus to buyers, arrange furniture sparsely in attractive groupings.  Get rid of heavy drapes and replace with light, window treatments with simple lines.  Take away any personal collections, like trophies, sports memorabilia, or other knick knacks and replace with simple accessories grouped in 1, 3 or 5.  Too much furniture can suggest a small room.  So if your space is overwhelmed, then put extra furnishings in a storage unit.

3.  Kitchens:

The heart of every home is the kitchen.  If possible, make this room as neutral as possible and keep counter tops clear of any unnecessary kitchen gadgets.  I have walked into condos with nice sized kitchens, yet the seller hasn’t removed the toaster, coffee maker, kitchen mixer or can opener.  What could be a great and spacious place, now seems cramped.  Stage your kitchen so that it looks elegant and welcoming.  Of course, it needs to be spotlessly cleaned and updated as much as possible.  A neutral coloured kitchen, with stainless steel appliances and nice, clutter free counters are what most buyers are looking for.  Not only that, it’s amazing how much bigger even the smallest of kitchens look when staging it this way.

4.  Bathrooms:

images-4Bathrooms in condos can be small and often basic, especially the guest bathrooms.  Simple changes make a world of difference.  Again, paint a neutral colour if possible and update shower curtains and bathroom rugs if necessary.  Clear the counter tops of your personal belongings and replace with fresh flowers and fluffy white towels.  Find clear medicine jars and add bath soaps (epsom salts works well), cotton swabs or cotton balls or colourful bath beads.  This not only looks inviting, but can even make a bathroom resemble a mini-spa. Of course, and this goes without saying, none of this will make a lick of difference if the bathroom is dirty.  Make sure it is spotless.  Before showings, remove any items, such as shampoo, from the bath and shower.

5.  Bedrooms:

The goal again, is to make the bedroom seem larger.  Therefore, it may be necessary to pare down the bedroom to only the essentials:  the bed, a night table and dresser.  If you have a king sized bed, consider changing to a queen.  Add a nice comforter, some colourful pillows and don’t forget to remove any excess belongings, such as books piled by the nightstand, personal photos and heavy drapes.

6.  Curb appeal:

Yes, condos need curb appeal as well.  Spruce up your front door by giving it a good cleaning.  Add some seasonal flowers in an attractive container and keep it simple.  Don’t overdo it if you have a balcony or outside patio area as well.  Show this as a welcoming outdoor space by getting rid of an abundance of plants, decorations like flags, pink flamingos or windmills.  Instead, replace with a nice table and chairs if space allows.  Otherwise, keep it empty with the exception of some fresh flowers.

When in doubt, remove it.  When staging a condo, it needs to feel decluttered, depersonalized while tasteful and welcoming.  Your real estate agent can also provide more detailed information on how to successfully stage your condo for a quicker sale.


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