How To Ruin A Home You Eventually Want To Sell

Posted in General Blog | 14/11/2012

Windsor House

Windsor House

If you have a unique home that you know that you are going to sell one day, take into consideration that it will take longer because of the limited amount of buyers who are looking for a home that is considered “different” in the real estate market.

A strong word of advice:  If you know that you will be moving soon, then don’t undertake any home remodeling projects that will have little appeal to the majority of buyers.  Yes, you may want to paint your entire house red, but consider the cost of repainting when it comes time to put your home on the market.

The horror stories of home sellers who have made drastic home remodeling projects then tried to sell their home at top dollar are noteworthy only because it was too late for them to realize that not every buyer likes a seller’s particular tastes.  Remember this:  Strange homes don’t sell.

Here are some of the less drastic, but by no means popular home renovation projects.

1. Converted Garage:

Buyers want a garage plain and simple.  They aren’t interested in a game room, or a woodworking room when all they really want is to park their car in the garage.  Garages are expensive to return back to garages, so really think about this if you want to sell in the near future.

2.  Unpopular Room Addition:

Adding a room addition that won’t appeal to buyers won’t make your home sell quickly.  If you have a catering business where you added a second kitchen to your property, this addition won’t attract many buyers.  Also, if you use a large portion of your backyard for a sunroom, thus reducing space where children can play, then this is a difficult sell as well.

3.  Modernize A Classic Home:

Buyers of homes with classical architecture know exactly what they want, a period style home with fitting updates.  Homeowners who have turned a classic home into a modern home have removed the property’s charm and character.  If you have a turn of the century Victorian home and remove the features that make it so appealing, then buyers will be turned off and go elsewhere.  The costs of returning the home to its glory often far exceeds what the home is worth.

4.  Making Your Home Too Big:

Sellers who have the biggest home on the block in a neighborhood of much smaller homes have a very difficult time when they are ready to sell.  A McMansion surrounded by 1,200 square foot starter homes will sit on the market for months.  Remember, it’s all about location.

5.  Open Floor Plans To The Extreme:

Yes, buyers love open floor plans.  But they aren’t crazy seeing a master bedroom connected to the master bathroom with no walls.  Yes, privacy is an issue.  Don’t remove the walls in a home just because you like space.

6.  Three Bedroom Home Is Now One Bedroom:

The majority of homebuyers want three bedrooms.  Even if they don’t have children, buyers like an extra room for guests and perhaps a home office. It doesn’t matter, because one-bedroom homes are tough to sale.  It’s much easier to find a home with three bedrooms, than it is to turn a one-bedroom home back to three bedrooms.

7.  Removing Bathtub:

The majority of buyers like their bathtubs.  In fact, it’s usually the first thing buyers notice is missing when they walk into a bathroom, as it is an essential element in a home.  While you may have wanted a nice walk in shower, consider the fact that it is difficult to bathe a baby in the shower so young families won’t be interested in your home.

8.  Too Many Steps:

If you have remodeled a home where there are too many steps, whether it is outside or in, you have eliminated a certain section of buyers.  Let’s take the inside.  With multi-level homes, where the living room is a step down, then the master bedroom is three steps up, then the kitchen is four steps down, it’s all too confusing.  Buyers don’t like to always say to their guests, “Watch your step!”  And for older buyers?  Forget it.

9.  Get Rid Of The Yard:

Buyers like to see a little greenery in their yard.  However, if you are considering turning your backyard into a large basketball court, you may want to reconsider if you plan on moving at one point.  And to the other extreme, some homeowners put in such lavish gardens that a buyer is immediately overwhelmed when they get out of the car because of the work it will require to maintain.

Of course, if you plan on staying in your home indefinitely and have no plans to move, then enjoy your property!  But if you believe there is a possibility that a Windsor house sale is in your future, take a good hard look at the housing market. If you aren’t interested in reversing these home improvements, then you may have to slash the price of your home or watch it sit on the market for way too long.

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