How To Select Windsor Real Estate Agents

Posted in Buyer Blog | 23/08/2012

Windsor Real Estate Agents

Windsor Real Estate Agents

One of the first decisions you need to make, whether buying or selling a property, is to find Windsor real estate agents that you can easily work with.  For many, the first questions asked: “How do I find a real estate agent?” and “How do I find a good one?”  What we can tell you right off the bat is the best agent is one who is not only experienced, but will listen to you and your concerns, answer your questions, be ethical at all times and know the market.

Here are some suggestions for finding the right Windsor real estate agents for you.

1.  Referral:  Most real estate agents depend on referrals to gain new clients.  That is why it is important for any good agent to have a satisfying relationship with their customers.  So ask friends, family, co-workers and neighbors for their recommendations.  Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, so always try and find an agent that goes beyond what a typical agent does.

2.  Internet:  Look at various agents’ websites. Check to see if the sites are current, up-to-date and go over their profiles and current listings. Remember, 90 percent of buyers start their home search on the Internet, so do they advertise their listings properly?  Is the home photography good and include lots of details?

3.  Neighborhood signs:  Do you often see signs from a particular agent?  Do they seem like they sell many of the homes in your neighborhood?  This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the right agent for you, as those with the most listings don’t often win, but rather, see what Windsor real estate agents are selling homes the fastest.  Remember, results are what you want.

4.  Don’t ignore print advertising:  Check out your local paper and review the real estate section.  Review the ads from agents and then go review their websites. Do they have strong online presence? Do they engage in the latest social media, such as facebook and twitter?

5.  Attend open houses.  If you are interested in buying or selling a home, check out open houses and talk to the agent.  If you are selling a home, does the agent act engaged and are they helpful?  Is the information they are handing out look professional?  Polite and helpful?  Or are they sitting in a corner looking at their watch?

These are just some of the ways to find Windsor real estate agents that will work for you.  Give our office a call and let us see how we can help you!

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