How To Sell New Windsor Real Estate In Need Of Repairs

Posted in General Blog | 12/05/2012

New  Windsor Real Estate

New Windsor Real Estate

It is not uncommon to come across a New Windsor real estate home seller who needs to sell their property, which needs major repairs.  Many sellers however, cannot afford to make improvements on their home, therefore, they feel they cannot sell their home.  This is not always the case.  There are often buyers out there that are seeking fixer-uppers.  What can a seller do to market their home while getting the best possible price available?

1.  Hire a real estate agent. A professional agent can let a seller know what can’t be ignored and needs to be repaired, faulty wiring for example, and what can be left as is.  Again, there are many buyers who prefer to buy a home and fix it up to their tastes. A real estate agent can market your New Windsor real estate to this target audience by listing the advantages of your home, whether it is in an excellent school district, customized built-in features or a unique floor plan.

2.  Discount the price:  Yes, the goal is to get as much money as possible for your home, so why discount the price?  By slightly reducing the price, while leaving room for negotiations, you are acknowledging that repairs need to be made. It is important when publicizing the home that renovation or repairs are needed.  Do not hide the fact that repairs are needed.

3.  Clean and Declutter:  Take attention away from the repairs and have buyers look at a home that is clean and organized.  Curb appeal is still important as well, so don’t forget landscaping!  Pull weeds, cut the grass and plant seasonal flowers near the front door to create a good first impression.  This will show a buyer that while repairs are needed for your New Windsor real estate, there is pride in ownership.

4.  Determine Costs of Repairs:  By establishing the cost for your home repairs prior to listing your home, you will have more bargaining power when it’s time to negotiate a buyer’s offer.  If your home has damaged carpet, determine how much it would be to replace and figure that amount into the sales price.

Don’t let the cost of repairs prevent you from selling your home.  Remember, there is often a buyer for every home.

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