How to Sell Your Windsor Condo

Posted in General Blog | 20/07/2012

Windsor Condo

Windsor Condo

When selling your Windsor Condo, it is important to make sure your property stands out from the rest.  Chances are, you are not the only seller in your complex, but you can take proper steps to make sure it excels from your competition.  As condo owners, you may not be able to conduct open houses due to association rules, location or other factors.  Check with your HOA to determine what rules you need to follow when selling your Windsor Condo.

1.  Make sure your real estate agent creates an amazing flier to showcase your home.  Include photos of your clubhouse, swimming pool weight room, spa, tennis courts or yard if applicable.

2.  Take pictures of every room in your condo.  If you have amazing views, don’t forget that.  Highlight all the great features of your condo.

3. Make sure your agent showcases your condo with a virtual tour.  Buyers LOVE seeing more about a home for sale without leaving the comfort of their own home.  A good virtual tour will lead a buyer by the hand and guide them room to room giving them a 360-degree view.  You can include still photos, music and other information on the video that creates a perfect package for selling your home.

4.  While some homeowner associations prohibit real estate signs, ask your Windsor condo HOA what their policy is.  If allowed, make sure your materials are carefully placed by posting in front of your building, at the entrance, in the weight room, by the pool and club house.

5.  Talk to your neighbors.  Ask them if they know anyone looking for a Windsor condo to buy.  You would be surprised how many first time homebuyers are looking at condos.  Chances are, your neighbors may know someone.

6.  Create a website, Twitter account and Facebook account regarding your Windsor property. Get the word out and ask people to forward to friends. By updating regularly, giving highlights of the property, price chances, special events happening in the area you live, you are publicizing a lifestyle that will attract buyers.


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