How To Sell Your Windsor House Fast With Curb Appeal

Posted in General Blog | 01/04/2013

Windsor House

Windsor House

Do you want to get top dollar when selling your Windsor house?  Of course you do!  And guess what, it really is easy to get the highest price for your home if you do a little work.  The best thing you can do is create a charming and appealing curb appeal.

First things first:

  • Buyers will take your home seriously based on its curb appeal.
  • Buyers will assume that the inside of your home is attractive if the outside looks good.
  • More buyers will want to make an appointment to see your home based on curb appeal.

Curb appeal really is everything and completely sets the tone of your home.  And what sellers must do when preparing their home for sale is to stop thinking of it as a home, but rather a commodity as you want to sell it for a top price.  So here are my suggestions on how to create the best curb appeal to get the most money:

1.  Take a good look at your house.  By that I mean step outside, walk around and ask yourself:  If I were a buyer, what would be my first impression?  What are the best features about this property?  How can I improve them?  What are the worst features and how can I improve them?

2.  Don’t just walk around your house. Get in your car and drive down your street and view your property from all sides, much as a buyer would when they drive to see your home for the first time.  Is the home tidy?  Does it stand out in a nice and approachable way?  What can you do to make it more appealing?

Here’s a checklist:

  • Do you have mold or mildew on the house, sidewalks, driveway or roof?
  • What conditions are your windows and gutters?  Are they in good condition?  Clean?
  • Does your lawn need fertilizer?
  • Does your patio or siding need power washing?
  • Do you have dead bushes or trees?
  • Are weeds taking over?
  • Are leaves covering flower beds and lawn?
  • Do tree limbs cover or touch your house and roof?

All of these need to be tackled in order to create outstanding curb appeal.  But this is not all that needs to be done.  Once general maintenance has been accomplished, now it’s time to add some extra touches.  Remember, buyers will drive by and study your house carefully.  You absolutely want their first thought to be, “I love it!”  And the only way they will do that is if you leave them wanting more.  So once you have finished upkeep, now it’s time to make some inexpensive outdoor improvements that will make a buyer want to see your home as soon as possible:

Front Door:

How does your front door look?  Is it in need of a good paint job with a nice glossy paint?  For the bargain price of a gallon of paint, you can literally change your front door from average to outstanding.  Add some updated hardware, such as a new door knob, door bell-ringer and maybe some outdoor light fixtures for an amazing front entrance.  This can all be done for less than $200.

Outdoor lighting:

images-2Add some low voltage outdoor lighting along paths, driveways or near important landscape features, such as trees or other attractive elements.  If your home’s architecture allows, consider adding a lantern by the driveway.  Outdoor light fixtures are very popular with buyers.  And keep in mind, that buyers just don’t look at a property during the day, they come back at night to inspect it as well.  Make them love your house even more!

Other tips:

Most buyers can’t see past repairs or outdated fixtures.  And they won’t make a second appointment if the first look didn’t appeal or excite them.  If the outside just seems “blah” then usually, they move on to a house that looks better or more attractive.  Just a few more simple tricks can do the trick:

  • Add mulch in flower beds.
  • Use seasonal flowers for accent colours.  For example, if you have an all white house with a red door, consider using flowers in matching colours, like reds, blues, yellows and whites.  Use them in beds, arrange in flower pots by the front door and near walkways.
  • Store away all outdoor toys, outdated benches, planters and garden ornaments.  Buyers usually don’t like gnomes, flamingos, or other highly personal objects in the front yard as well.
  • Add a new doormat, house numbers and a mailbox if yours has seen better days.  Use something with a pop of colour that will mix in well with other colours of your home.
  • Check the condition of fencing and add a fresh coat of paint if necessary.  I once showed a charming home but the fence was in desperate need of repair and paint.  Buyers took that into consideration when making an offer on a home.  If the owners had only done that in the beginning, I am certain they would have received a higher price on the home.

Again, give a buyer every reason to want to visit your home by creating an outside that will make them call their agent in a heartbeat.  Appealing to buyers from the get-go means you are way ahead of your competition and will command bigger dollars.



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