How To Stage Your Windsor Property Kitchen

Posted in General Blog | 13/08/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

Not every Windsor property owner can afford a stager.  While many stagers are reasonable, some sellers prefer preparing their home for sale themselves.  Frankly, proper home staging can make a huge difference when getting top dollar for your home.  For buyers looking at a property, the most time spent in a home is often in the kitchen, especially when it opens up to a family room and serves as a family gathering place.  Buyers want to imagine living in this space.  This is why preparing this area for sale is critical.  If you can’t hire a home stager, then here are some of their secrets to creating a bright and desirable kitchen.

1.  First, the room needs to be cleaned.  Before doing anything, make certain that your kitchen is spotless.  Scrub the counters, baseboards, cabinets and sinks.  Make sure the floors sparkle.  Vacuum thoroughly, and don’t forget the corners.

2.  Polish all fixtures, replace light bulbs and dust shelving and ceiling fan.

3.  When your home is on the market, and you enjoy lots of cooking, make sure anything that leaves an odor is off the menu while you sell your Windsor property.  A buyer doesn’t like to come in and smell what you had for dinner the night before.  (Run a lemon through the garbage disposal before any showings for a nice, light and fresh smell).

4.  Is your cabinet hardware dated?  Worn out?  Then now is the time to replace.

5.  Clean out your pantry.  Make sure it looks spacious and organized.  Have your spices lined up appropriately, use containers to store opened boxes of food and make sure it is clean!

6.  Take anything personal out of the kitchen.  That means removing anything posted on the refrigerator, mail on the counters or children’s artwork that is displayed.

7.  Make sure all cleaning materials, such as sponges, soaps, etc., are removed at the kitchen sink.

8.  Take all small appliances off of the counter.  That means toasters, coffee maker, microwave (if not built in), kitchen mixer or anything else.  Leave all counters empty except perhaps a cookbook displayed in a book holder or a bowl of decorative fruit.  Look through home magazines and see how editors showcase a kitchen and follow their examples.

Check out other important kitchen staging tips in my next post!



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