How to Use Your Bargaining Power When Negotiating Windsor Real Estate

Posted in General Blog | 12/02/2012

Real Estate in Windsor

Real Estate in Windsor

Maybe you are a seller and your Windsor real estate is on the market.  Perhaps you are a buyer looking for some added incentives in a home you would like to purchase.  Regardless, securing a good and fair price for a home is not always the only thing that buyers and sellers haggle over.  As a real estate agent, I have often seen negotiations continue long past the price of a home has been agreed upon.

For many sellers, who want to get as close to the asking price as possible, they will often include counter offers to include appliances, window coverings or other incentives to make the deal work.  Buyers will often agree and maybe ask for other furnishings, repairs or painting.

When putting your Windsor real estate on the market, a seller should think about what they are willing to give up if negotiations stall.  Using the following items as bargaining chips, particularly if you will have no use for them in your future home, may be far less painless than lowering the price of your home.

1.  Major appliances:  Do you need these in your next home?  Maybe your new home has a refrigerator already?  Perhaps you want to update your appliances for your new kitchen and have no use for the older ones?

2.  Custom furniture, area rugs, window treatments, shutters and blinds:  For the reasons above, maybe your current furniture won’t fit into your new home.  The chances that your window treatments will work in your next home are also slim.

3.  Outdoor equipment including garden sheds, planters, patio furniture, lawnmower, power washers, leaf blowers and other outdoor equipment:  Maybe you are moving into an apartment or condo and these items are no longer necessary.  These are terrific bargaining tools to use if needed.

4.  Recreational equipment including play sets, above ground pools, trampolines, hot tubs, ping pong tables, etc:  Again, do you want to cart these off to your new home? Do you have the room?  The lifestyle for these items?

Keep in mind the costs required to move these items from your Windsor real estate and the cost to replace.  If you know that a certain piece of furniture or an heirloom chandelier might catch the eye of a buyer, and you could never part with it, then remove it and replace with something similar before you even open your house to potential buyers.  What they don’t see, they don’t want.

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