I Need To Buy A Windsor Home Fast!

Posted in Buyer Blog | 15/08/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

There are times when a client contacts us and says, “Help, I need to buy a Windsor home quickly!”  When this happens, the last thing a buyer and real estate agent want to do is waste any time when there is a short deadline.  So what is a buyer to do so they don’t spend critical time viewing homes that don’t meet their needs or budget?  Here is what I suggest so we can get the ball rolling.

1.  Go online.  First things first, start your home search online.  What types of homes do you like?  Would you consider a condo?  Do you want to live in the suburbs or city?  Open floor plan?  New or older home?

2.  Get pre-approved.  If you are able to find the house you want, don’t waste time by waiting to get approved for a mortgage.  The best thing to do whenever looking for a property is to get pre-approved before you actually step inside a Windsor home.  Don’t risk losing a bidding war when you find a house you love if you don’t have a pre-approval and the other buyer has one.  Then you must start back at the beginning.

3.  Find motivated sellers.  Work with your real estate agent to find homes that need to be sold quickly.  Your professional agent will know what homes need to be sold, where the good prices are and those homes that have been on the market a long time.

4.  Be ready to compromise.  Despite the fact that it is a buyer’s market and there is lots of inventory out there, don’t come with a long list of “must have’s” but rather a shorter list of what you want.  What can’t you live without?  A garage? A fourth bedroom?  A modern kitchen?

5.  Find a great, experienced agent:  Finding an excellent agent in your Windham home search is critical.  You want a professional who has excellent contacts, understands the area, knows what is on the market and can negotiate and take you through the closing process as painlessly as possible.

6.  Follow through:  If your agent needs you to see a home that just went on the market, if your bank needs paperwork signed, then do it as quickly as possible.  Paperwork can hold up a home sale quickly.  Once you do your part, it’s up to everyone else.

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