“I Want To Stage My Windsor Property For Sale Myself!”

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Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

Many clients know they need to stage their Windsor property for sale, but they do not want to go to the added expense of hiring a professional.  For do-it-yourself types, this seems reasonable.  Many sellers have done an incredible job in staging their homes so much so that you would think they hired an expert!  So what did they do to make it work?  Here’s what they say:

1.  Keep emotions away:  Many clients have said that the most important thing they did was to think of their home as someone else’s.  That mean they were able to take down the paintings, photographs, knick-knacks and things they loved, because they realized the high probability of a buyer not liking them as much as they did.  By realizing that your Windsor property for sale is now a product, and not your home, means that you can step away and showcase your home objectively.

2.  If you are selling a very expensive home it is necessary to get rid of any outdated or cheap furniture.  This type of furniture doesn’t go hand in hand with the property you are selling.  Same if you are selling a modern home and it is furnished with antiques.  Most likely, a buyer who loves contemporary homes will like more modern furniture.  Understand that you can rent more upscale furniture if needed.

3.  The same thing goes with outdated appliances, which can quickly drop the value of your home the second a buyer steps in your kitchen.  By all means, if you are able, remove any outdated kitchen appliances and replace.  Most professional stagers recommend stainless steel, but anything that looks newer and works effectively is better than old, ugly appliances.

4.  Do it yourselfers who were successful in staging their Windsor property for sale, had no problems painting their too colorful rooms into something more neutral and pleasing to the buyer’s eye.  Again, the more buyers can see themselves living in your home, the better.  Chances are if they walk into a purple and pink room, they are looking for their car keys.

5.  Rent storage space:  Many clients followed our advice and rented storage facilities for homes that needed to be removed of excess furniture and accessories.  This not only makes a home look bigger, but also clutter free.

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