I’m Stuck On What Type Of Windsor Home To Buy!

Posted in Buyer Blog | 04/07/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

There are times when a buyer cannot decide what type of Windsor home they want to purchase.  This makes sense.  If the buyers are a young couple they often wonder if they should buy a larger home should they expand their family.  A single buyer may want a condo, but then can’t decide if maybe a smaller home with a yard is better.  Other times a family may want to live in the country, but yet wonder if the commute to work will eventually get old.  Regardless, it is important that a buyer find the right home and feel confident that they, in fact, did.

First and foremost, never let anyone, talk you into buying a home.  Professional real estate agents do not do that as they want their client to be absolutely certain that the home they have selected is a good fit.  Also, in your heart of hearts, you will know if you found the right home.  For example, if you can’t decide between the condo and the small home, at some point, you will walk inside one or the other and just “feel” that it is right.  Trust those instincts.  If you think of nothing else but your future home, you are mentally decorating the inside, you feel possessive about the home and you don’t even feel funny using the bathroom inside, then there is a good chance this will be your new address.

Other, more practical reasons for deciding what Windsor home to buy is if a home fits your basic needs.  While there is rarely a “perfect” home for any buyer, let’s use the condo for another example. Let’s say the condo doesn’t have a weight room, but you love everything else about the home that you suddenly realize that a gym membership serves you just as well.  Realizing that you are happy to make the needed compromises makes a home a good fit. Also, when you know that you no longer want to look at other homes, because you keep coming round to the same one, means it’s time to act before someone else makes an offer.

When every thought, every instinct tells you to buy a Windsor home and you can’t think of anything else, call your agent and be prepared to make a bid.  If you walk into a home and your feelings are “blah,” but you like the school district, look for another home in the neighborhood.  It’s called the “3 second rule.”  If a home doesn’t feel warm and comforting within the first 3 seconds of entering, then chances are, it’s not for you.

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