Inexpensive Curb Appeal Projects For Your Windsor Ontario Home

Posted in General Blog | 28/02/2014

Windsor Ontario Home

Windsor Ontario Home

Yes, it’s February and still a little early to go out and do landscaping with your Windsor Ontario home.  However, if you plan on selling your it this spring or sometime this year, and your property needs a little boost to get the attention of buyers, I have some great ideas that will help.  Not only are these projects inexpensive, but they can be done in little to no time, yet the impact is huge and buyers will notice.

1.  Spice up the front door

A gallon of paint may be your best friend when adding a splash of needed colour.  Paint the door a complimentary shade that coordinates with the facade of the home.  Add a nice wreath, update the house numbers and add a potted plant with flowers to make a world of difference, all for under $100.

2.  Prepare to fertilize and get your lawn ready for spring

Re-seed where needed and when it’s time to start mowing, make it look as professional as possible, by edging, weeding and mulching flower beds.  Cost: $100 or less depending on size of yard.

3.  Flower beds

Speaking of flower beds, plant seasonal annuals, like pansies for long-lasting colour. In the spring, use pastels and don’t plant seeds, but rather select flowers that are already in bloom.  They will spread quickly and bloom longer.  And the longer your home is on the market, change up the colour and plants.  Cost:  a flat of flowers can be found for under $20.

4.  Wash dirt off home

Homes needs a good cleaning after a long winter.  When the weather is appropriate, grab your garden hose, turn it up the highest setting and wash your home, sidewalks, paths and driveway.  Be careful not to remove any paint, particularly if you go the extra mile and power wash your home.  Usually, most homes only need a good dose of water from the hose to remove most dirt.  At this time, also clean out the gutters and light fixtures.  Cost:  nothing but the cost of water unless you rent a power washer.

5.  Driveway

As buyers pull up into your driveway, you would be surprised what they notice:  oil and car stains, cracks as well as other damage that many sellers simply don’t notice.  You can take care of simple repairs yourself, or hire a professional.  Also, when showing your home, don’t leave any cars in the driveway and put away all yard toys, bikes and lawn equipment.

6.  Clean the windows!

Again, winter can create havoc on the outside of a home, and now is the time to make an appointment to have your windows professionally cleaned, or block away time to do the job yourself.  There are many simple window cleaning solutions that are available online, and some require zero scrubbing and drying.  However, if you have too many windows that are difficult to reach or require a ladder, be sure and wash at your own risk.

7.  Trim trees and bushes

If buyers can’t see your home because of overgrown trees and shrubs, then chances are they won’t be too eager to make an appointment to tour your property.  Your home needs to be visible from the curb, so cut any overgrown trees, bushes, shrubs and branches that can block their view.  Also, overgrown landscaping can scratch paint off your home and not allow any light to enter the home.

Here is why good curb appeal is essential in selling your home for top dollar:

1.  Creates that valuable first impression.  If a buyer likes the outside, they are more optimistic about the inside.

2.  It creates a safe environment.  If buyers can see a house easily, light fixtures are working properly, paths are cleared and well maintained, then buyers feel more comfortable in the homey atmosphere.

3.  Adds value.  A home that is well maintained and cared for goes for a higher price.  Attractive curb appeal doesn’t mean blowing your budget either.  Most homes that have great curb appeal are usually simple but eye-catching.

4.  Curb appeal can set you apart from your competition.  If other homes are for sale in your neighbourhood, you want to make sure that your property stands out so buyers will zero in on your property.  Good curb appeal will make buyers want to tour your home as opposed to the neighbour down the street who doesn’t have any.

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