Is a Home Warranty Necessary For My Windsor Properties?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 09/05/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

Should you purchase a home warranty for your Windsor properties?  That is a question often asked and the answers vary but usually it is a good idea to have a warranty when:

1) You are a first time homebuyer with no experience in household maintenance.

2) Peace of mind.

3) Purchasing an older home.

It never fails that when you least expect it, or can afford it, something happens or breaks in your new home that you just purchased.  Home warranties cover many repairs, however, it’s important to read the policy first before purchasing.

Who Pays?  It is normal to have a seller pay for a home warranty plan.  Often, it is added as a selling point to reassure a nervous buyer that if something breaks, it can be repaired at little to no cost to them.  But another reason sellers purchase is they do not want to hear from a buyer after closing that something broke and isn’t working.  However, not all sellers are willing to purchase a warranty plan and for many buyers, they decide to buy it themselves.

How Much?  Overall, home warranty plans are fairly inexpensive for your Windsor properties.  They can range anywhere from $250 to $400 depending on the coverage.

How Do They Work?  Again, it will vary depending on the plan, but usually, if an appliance or home system needs repair, the owner will call the warranty company, who will in turn contact one of their providers to come out and give an estimate on the costs.  Once repaired, the warranty company will pay though a homeowner usually pays a deductible, often less than $100.

What Is Not Covered:  It needs to be stated again that all plans differ.  So it is imperative that you review a policy before purchasing.  It is best to go over carefully with your real estate agent prior to closing.  Repairs not often covered are outdoor sprinklers, pool, spa and those appliances that are improperly installed, have code violations or not maintained.  Make sure that your home warranty covers all appliances including garage door openers for your Windsor properties.

If your home warranty company has denied a claim, contact your real estate agent to see if they can work out a resolution.

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