Is New Construction A Threat To Selling My Windsor Home?

Posted in General Blog | 05/05/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

While there are plenty of buyers interested in purchasing new construction, there are also many that like to purchase a Windsor home with character.   Properly marketing your home, as well as using a little elbow grease if needed, can showcase an older homes charm and appeal.

Older properties have a feeling of yesteryear, which is not true of newer construction.  From the larger lots, the mature trees, established neighborhoods and the unique, often one-of-a-kind architecture that older homes often have, there are plenty of buyers that prefer this style of Windsor home.  But again, marketing older homes often requires straying from traditional selling methods to attract the right kind of buyers.

1.  Prepare appropriate marketing materials:  If your home is smaller and is affordably priced, older homes are often attractive to first time home buyers, particularly if a little work is needed.  Targeting these buyers, while emphasizing the home’s charm, is an excellent tool.

2.  Get a home inspection before putting on the market:  Particularly with older homes, it is important to get a home inspection prior to listing the home.  Make any repairs, especially if there are any safety issues, like older electrical wires for example.  Promoting this in the marketing materials will increase the number of potential buyers walking through your home.

3.  Update any unattractive features:  Do you have old linoleum flooring or ugly dated tiles in the bathroom?  There are some things buyers just can’t ignore.  By replacing the flooring and painting over the tiles (products available at most hardware stores), and giving the walls a fresh coat of neutral paint, then you can be sure one less issue buyer will try and negotiate when making an offer on your home.

4.  Are your window treatments dated? Home furnished with antiques? While many buyers want the character of an old home, they do not want to see dated window treatments or a house full of furniture that reminds them of their grandmother’s home.  Remove all window treatments that are old and dusty and replace with new blinds that can add a modern look to a room.  Take out all furniture that is old and frumpy and create an updated look.  Don’t have the budget for new furniture?  Then weed out anything that makes the rooms look small, like heavy furniture.

5.  Update older rooms with new towels, fragrant soaps and fresh flowers.  It’s the little things that often create the biggest differences.

These simple strategies will attract the right buyer to your older Windsor home.

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