Is Your Commercial Real Estate In Windsor Ontario Safe?

Posted in General Blog | 14/09/2013

Commercial Real Estate In Windsor Ontario

Commercial Real Estate In Windsor Ontario

Now is a good time to give your commercial property in Windsor Ontario a good, thorough look over to make sure that it is in excellent condition before winter hits.  As we all know, “September” means summer is over and colder weather is on its way.  So it bears the question: “How does your commercial property look?”  Is your roof prepared for snow?  Heating units in good, working order?  Are the windows sealed  tightly and parking lots or structures ready for the harsher weather?

It’s time to make the necessary repairs before the cold, rain and snow appear.  Here are some valuable tips for Windsor Ontario commercial property owners.

1.  Look at the outside of your commercial building and carefully examine the weather stripping around windows and doors.  Often, the warmer weather we experience in the summer will damage the seals that are protecting these critical areas.  Look carefully for holes and wear and tear around outlets, plumbing, light fixtures and again, doors and windows.

2.  How does the roof look?  Do you see any broken or cracked shingles?  If you suspect something may be wrong, make an appointment with a professional and well-respected roofing company.

3.  With cooler weather arriving, check your fire and carbon monoxide detectors.  It is important that you examine and test each device thoroughly.  If you can’t remember when the batteries were replaced, now is the time.

4.  September is a great time to clean out your gutters to be prepared for the rain and snow headed our way.  Make sure rain water is directed away from the foundation of the building.

5. Inspect your window screen for rips or holes which can allow insects to find their way into the building.

6. Give your heating unit a good check up and change the filters to increase the airflow and prevent damage to your cooling and heating equipment.  Also, prune any overgrown bushes or shrubs near your air/heating unit as that can restrict the circulation of air.

7.  If you own an apartment building that has a swimming pool, check to see if any repairs are needed before you close it for the winter.  Are there any cracks, clogged pump baskets, a faulty heater, dirty filters or other issues that perhaps may need professional attention?  Because a pool is such a huge investment and many reasons why renters choose an apartment, staying on top of maintenance is a must.

8.  If tenants complained of bees and wasps this summer, walk around and see if you can find any large nests that can create havoc.  Depending on the size, you may need to call a professional exterminator.  One client recently was selling his building and the inspector noticed two, football sized hornet nests near the roof.  The seller demanded they be removed as it was deemed a safety hazard.

Windsor Homes For Sale

Windsor Homes For Sale

9.  If you notice that your building is in need of a paint job, now may be a good time to do it as painting contractors are normally not as busy during the fall months.  Walk around your property and look for any peeling or blistered paint.  Exposed wood can create problems if you neglect painting your property for too long.  Look for cracks or other damage as delaying until a crack widens can damage the underlying wall.

10.  Finally, but critically important, when was the last time you reviewed your insurance policy?  Do you know how much you are covered should an emergency happen? What happens if a pipe bursts?  Fire displaces your tenants? What are your deductibles? What if a tenant is injured or harmed on your property?  It’s time to get an update on your policy, so schedule a meeting with your insurance broker for a review and see if it is up to date.

Being a commercial property owner in Windsor Ontario has many, many benefits.  But it also takes a lot of work to keep your tenants as well as your building in good form.  It’s a job that never allows for short cuts, so staying on top of maintenance issues before they become expensive is a must.  Not only will you sleep better at nights knowing your property is in good shape, but your tenants will be happy as well.

If you are considering commercial property in the near future, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can steer you in the right direction.


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