Is Your New Windsor Real Estate Agent Marketing Your Property Correctly?

Posted in General Blog | 10/07/2012

New Windsor Real Estate Agent

New Windsor Real Estate Agent

Is your New Windsor real estate agent marketing your property correctly?  There are certain specific pieces of information and keywords that can possibly help your home sell more quickly.  By describing your real estate properly, you can get buyers into your home and hopefully, back for a second look.  What makes a good listing?  Here are some things to consider:

1.  Be specific.  Let’s say you spent thousands of dollars recently remodeling your kitchen.  It’s not enough to say in your listing that your home features an “updated kitchen.”  A professional real estate agent will use words that matter to a buyer.  By listing “stainless steel appliances” or “granite countertops” you are telling buyers that this is a quality kitchen.  If you have top of the line appliances, mention the brands:  Sub Zero refrigerator and Viking stove take your kitchen to a whole other level.  For a buyer that loves to cook, this can almost guarantee that they will want to visit your home.

2.  Showcase the unseen:  You can’t always include photos of every amenity in your home, so those you can’t, you need to list.  For example, is there a private bathroom attached to the guestroom?  Say it!  Oversized garage? Don’t forget to include it!  If your home has incredible views, it needs to be mentioned.  The write up is just as important as the photos.  Make sure it’s well done and includes the popular features that buyers are looking for today.

3.  Adjectives count:  While syrupy dialogue can often be too much, it is important to use adjectives that accurately describes your home.  Words like “beautiful” or “gorgeous” sold 15% faster according to a Canadian study.  Of course, don’t lie or streach the truth.  You may not use the word “spacious” if you have a small home, but you can say “open floor plan” if it works.

4.  It needs to be professional:  Don’t accept sloppy writing full of bad spelling and grammar. It’s not only unprofessional, but buyers won’t take you seriously.  A New Windsor real estate agent should never let this happen.  It’s inexcusable.

5.  Buyers like emotion:  Describe the lifestyle of living in your Windsor property.  If you have a swimming pool surrounded by a large outside kitchen and deck, give your potential buyer a visual:  “Relax near your beautiful swimming pool surrounded by professional landscaping.”

Remember, you can get buyers in the door by describing your property accurately and with the right words.  Don’t miss the opportunity to do it correctly!

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