Is Your Real Estate Agent In Windsor Ontario Marketing Your Property?

Posted in General Blog | 18/08/2013

Real Estate Agents In Windsor Ontario

Real Estate Agents In Windsor Ontario

Before you hire a real estate agent in Windsor Ontario, ask them how they will market your property.  Who is your target buyer and how will your agent successfully find them and bring them to your home?  There are certain specific pieces of information and keywords that can be beneficial to selling your home quickly.  It’s not just throwing your property up on the MLS and using a few pretty words that will get the job done.  You want to make sure that you have a good listing that will make buyers circle your home and make an appointment for a showing.

Consider the following:

1.  Be specific:

If you have a kitchen that has been recently remodeled, then this needs to be mentioned in the listing. You don’t want to say, “great, new kitchen” but rather give details, such as “recently remodeled kitchen with granite counters and stainless steel appliances.”  In other words, you want to give the buyer a clearer picture of what your kitchen looks like.  If you home has one of a kind views, then it needs to be mentioned as well.  “Enjoy the breath taking sunsets from your front porch” The write-up is just as important as the photos.  Make sure it’s well done and includes the popular features that buyers want today.

2.  Promote the unseen:

Because you cannot take a photo of everything, you want to make sure you mention what buyers can’t see.  For example, do you have a great in-law suite?  This is very appealing to many buyers, so mention it in the listing.  What about mature landscaping? Many buyers are drawn to homes that are in traditional neighbourhoods.  And while you can’t take a picture of the trees, it needs to be in the description: “Mature landscaping with gorgeous trees provides cool shade on those warmer days.”

3.  Don’t be shy with adjectives:

While you don’t want to go over-the-top as that can be a bit of a turn off, you do want to use adjectives that accurately describe your home.  Using words such as “beautiful” or “gorgeous” have been known to sell homes 15 percent faster according to a recent Canadian study.  However, don’t stretch the truth.  If you say you have a home that has an “open floor plan,” though it clearly doesn’t, then this is misleading and buyers will wonder what else you are not being truthful about.

4.  Be professional:

Don’t accept sloppy writing that is full of bad spelling and grammar.  Not only will buyers find it unprofessional but they won’t take you seriously.  A professional real estate agent would never allow this to happen.

5.  Emotion:

images-3Buyers like to hear about the lifestyle your home will provide if they buy it, so describe what they will have if they live in your home.  Maybe it’s the “large kitchen ideal for entertaining,” or “relax near your beautiful and inviting swimming pool surrounded by professional landscaping.”  Or perhaps you have a wonderful fireplace:  “Sit by the welcoming wood burning fireplace,” or remember that in-law suite? “The spacious in-law suite is perfect for guests or nanny.”

6.  Social media:

Finally, if you real estate agent simply relies on old-fashioned methods to promote your property, like newspaper ads or open houses, and doesn’t engage in social media, you may be missing the boat.  Why?  In the past ten years buyers looking at the Internet for homes has increased ten fold.  Today, 90 percent start their home search online.  Make sure you hire a real estate agent that will promote your property so that it has an active presence that buyers will find easily.  If an agent has Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram and a website that is updated regularly, then not only will it increase the amount of people who will view your home, but it will be shared and passed along.  This is free advertising and in today’s real estate market no agent should be without it.

So again, when interviewing agents, (and we recommend you always interview three who come highly recommended by friends, family and/or co-workers) one of the top questions should be, “How will you market my home?” The last thing you want is for your property to be hidden and undiscovered by the buyers who would be eager to see your home if they knew about it.  Listing it on the MLS simply isn’t enough in this day and age.  It needs to be promoted constantly, and updated frequently.


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