Is Your Windsor Ontario Real Estate Sitting On The Market? Tips To Sell Today!

Posted in General Blog | 20/07/2014

Windsor Ontario Real Estate

Windsor Ontario Real Estate

There is no doubt that buyers are in full force and eager to buy Windsor Ontario real estate this summer.  As difficult as it is to say, summer is halfway over, and if your home is still sitting on the market, and you need to sell it sooner rather than later, then it’s time to find out what could be preventing buyers from making an offer.

Let’s assume that your house is correctly priced because we all know that is the number one rule for sellers. But if your home is priced right and in a good location, what else could be the problem?

Buyers are looking for properties in Windsor Ontario that are move-in ready.  So there is an excellent chance that if your home is not selling, it’s not appealing to the majority of home buyers either do to needed repairs or because it needs to be updated.  Now, with just another month of summer left, what simple, and inexpensive steps can you take to make your home more attractive to buyers?

One of the very first things buyers notice is how livable your home is.  They like to see lots of space, as well as a well-organized property.  If they walk around and see your “stuff,” then it only makes it harder for them to imaging living there.  The goal is to get rid of anything that makes a home too cramped and show’s your lifestyle and hobbies, as which make it difficult for a buyer to imagine how they can live in the home.

What Buyers Don’t Want To See:

1.  Clutter:  Walk around your home through the eyes of a buyer and you may be surprised that what you consider necessary household items are viewed as clutter from buyers.  In your kitchen, for example, are your countertops overwhelmed with small appliances such as a coffeemaker, can opener and other knick knacks?  What about your refrigerator?  Is it covered with magnets and children’s artwork? Overall, your kitchen should be free of any clutter, and this means removing everything from your countertops and tables.  Not only does it make a room look bigger, but again, buyers can imagine their own belongings there.  Needless to say, this advice goes to every room in the house.  Put away all trophies, family photos, collections or anything else that takes away from the features of your home.

2.  Rooms that look small:  Do you have lots of furniture in a small room? Maybe in a spare bedroom you have a king sized bed, or in your family room you have too many chairs or an oversized couch?  Buyers like to see lots of space.  By re-organizing furniture, taking out what doesn’t fit, removing extra-large televisions with wires hanging and creating a room with easy flow that also manages to look comfortable and inviting, buyers again will notice the valuable floorspace and not your furniture.  If you have small rooms that are painted a bright colour, or have loud wallpaper, it only makes the space look tiny.  The best bang for your buck is to buy a gallon of neutral colour paint and spend the day updating a room for an instant makeover.  Not only does it make the room look larger, but buyers like neutral rooms where they can add their own final touches.

images-23.  Unorganised closets:  What do most buyers have at the top of their wish list when looking for a home?  Plenty of storage space.  Now is the time to make sure your closets, pantry and garages look organized.  One of the best tips stagers offer their clients is to remove at least half of the items in these areas to give the impression of ample space.  So pack away winter clothes right now and store elsewhere, clean out your kitchen cabinets and get rid of anything you no longer need or want.  Look in your food pantry and make sure it appears spacious for buyers.  All of us have more stuff than ever, and older homes especially often don’t have enough storage, so sellers must be creative!

4.  A dirty home – This probably seems like a no brainer, but buyers aren’t the least bit impressed walking around and seeing dirt, grime while sniffing bad odors.  Clean the house from top to bottom (did you know that buyers look up when they walk into a room)? If you have pets, make sure they are away during showings and keep temperatures inside the home at a comfortable level.  Have cold, bottled water available if it is a particularly hot day.  Overall, the more comfortable your buyers are in your home, the bigger the impression they will take away.

Finally, always ask for your realtor to get feedback from those buyers touring your homes.  If too many say the same thing and it’s easily fixable, then make the necessary repairs or you will need to price accordingly.



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